After reading many reviews of Momocho and finally getting a reservation, we ate there this past weekend. The restaurant itself has a cool vibe thanks to great lighting and original rustic artwork on the walls. We sat on the outdoor patio, which had an abundance of greenery.

For drinks Sarah ordered the iced tea, Jonathan had a Mexican fruit punch soda and Ben ordered the margarita sampler with cucumber, hibiscus, and blood orange. The cucumber was was the best–slightly spicy, refreshing, and unlike anything we’ve ever had. The blood orange was good too, quite sour, and the hibiscus was good but a bit on the sweet side.

We started off with goat cheese guacamole and queso fundido. The guac had a smooth texture and was extra creamy thanks to the addition of goat cheese. The queso fundido was different from preparations we’ve had in the past. It was mostly chorizo with some cheese melted on top. It was not overly greasy, and the excellent sausage takes center stage.

For entrees Sarah had the Taquitos Pescado, Ben had Taquitos Machaca and Jonathan ordered kids’ quesadillas.

The fish tacos were fresh and subtely flavored, and the rereshing pineapple-mint salsa made it a perfect summer dish. The machacha (ancho and coffee-rubbed beef brisket) was excellent as well. The sauce was rich and smokey with a just the right level of heat. We’d never had coffee-rubbed beef before, and it’s definitely something we’ll try again. We also ordered rice and beans on the side, which were only $1.50 extra. The black beans in particular were very nicely flavored with a savory cumin broth. Even Jonathan’s quesadillas were impressive. Jonathan implored us to try them with the “sour cream” (crema), which was really fresh-tasting and not quite as tangy as sour cream.

We finished around 1/3 of our entrees (the portions are very generous) and had them packed up. You assemble your own taquitos, which makes taking them home a lot easier. They also packed up our chips (two large bowls), salsa and guacamole.

For dessert Sarah ordered the “chocolate cream pie,” which is an ancho-spiced chocolate pots de crème with whipped cream. The spicing is noticeable but subtle enough that Jonathan enjoyed it.

Ben had the fried ice cream with mexican chocolate sauce:

The ice cream ball is huge; even the three of us together couldn’t finish it.

We will very definitely return to Momocho. In addition to serving outstanding food, Momocho’s prices–$6–8 per appetizer, $13-$14 for taquitos–are extremely reasonable for the portion sizes. The three of us will be having at least one more meal from our leftovers. The service is excellent. Our waitress was friendly and knowledgeable, helping us decide on which maragaritas and taquitos to order. It’s not surprising that Cal from Dine-O-Mite chose Momocho for his birthday dinner and Michael and Donna Ruhlman went there for their anniversary. Their prices are so good that we won’t want to wait until a special occasion to visit again, though. We look forward to trying some of the vegetarian taquito options, which looked really good.

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  • Dine O Mite

    I think Eric Williams cranks out fantastic eats. I’m glad to see you guys were able to sit out on the patio. If it’s warm out, it’s really the only way to go. Come to think of it, I think it’s one of the best outdoor spaces in Cleveland (with 3 Birds being my favorite). I’m glad to hear you guys enjoyed it. What better way to spend a warm summer day?

  • Plays With Food

    Love Momocho — glad you did too!

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  • Darcy

    Finally got there last week. Heaven. I had the taquitos horchata (smoked pork belly) and a rice pudding. We also shared the guacamole with smoked trout and bacon, I think? The horchata I think was the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth. We will definitely be going back there again. Delish!