One night last week we picked up a picnic pack from Hot Sauce Williams on Carnegie for a quick no-heating up the kitchen kind of dinner. Originally we had thought we would get two rib dinners and split it between the three of us, but after looking over the menu the picnic pack was similar in price and came with a variety of food.

The total was a little over $30 and we got all the pieces of a chicken fried, 2 fried cod fillets, a whole rack of ribs, coleslaw, french fries, a giant cup of sauce for dipping and half a loaf of white bread. As you can tell by the picture below, there was way more food than the three of us could handle. This would be great for a party of 5–6 people (even better, pick one up on your way to blossom for a summer orchestra concert on the lawn or 4th of July fireworks!)

The ribs were the star of this meal. They were meaty, smokey and had just the right amount of sauce. The fish and chicken were good, both crispy but not too greasy. The coleslaw was good too — there was just the right amount of dressing. We ended up getting more than three meals out of this one trip, hence the cheap eats tag.

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  • Stuart

    I love Hot Sauce Williams. I’ve gone their countless times. I think I’ve had the fried chicken once and I’ve never had the fish. It’s always ribs or the Polish boy which I recommend for a future visit. The sweet potato pie is also good.

  • Avenue Cleveland

    I saw this and I went… huh? On Heights Eats? But “hence the cheap eats tag” cleared that acne breakout up.

    Let me say I grew up on Hot Sauce Williams. Their food was once a staple of “Inner City” Cleveland BBQ lovers (I grew up off 66th and Hough/Wade Park). However, after developing an over developed palette for them and a few “bad” food experiences I have since long moved on.

    However, after reading the write up I am almost willing to back and pay a visit. I must admit I do miss the ribs I grew up on but Im sure that cook is long retired…

  • Simone

    I have found Hot Sauce Willims’ Fried Chicken to be so crispy and delicious. Although while eating you can’t help but think of all the fabulous grease you are ingesting, probably part of the tastiness…Thanks.

  • Ben

    Simone: I’d been checking your blogs every couple weeks or so for new content and had finally given up a week or so ago. I’m glad you’re back! (and I’ve added “World Eatz” back on our blog list) I noticed the grease from HSW as well. They apparently haven’t gotten the “trans fats are bad” memo yet, but the food is definitely good as an occasional indulgence.

  • john_v_phipps

    My father was in the Navy during WWII, and served in Japan during the occupation. The story is that after several years overseas, he returned to Cleveland and his wife (my mother) met him at the train station. When asked what would the first thing he wanted to do, he quickly said…

    Let’s get dinner at Hot Sauce Williams!”.

    Enough said!

  • seth

    all i can say is wow…hot sauce williams is amazing, and i can say that who cares if you’re eating some grease, it surely can’t be as bad as the local fast food restaurants(mcdonalds, burgerking,etc.) so i can honestly consider hot sauce williams to be a 2–3 times a week thing, if only i lived more toward it, i live up north east, and got some after the warped tour concert down there and it was terrific.