Earlier this year we took a little trip to Kentucky to see Mammoth Cave, and stopped for a day in Louisville on our way back home. We visited Wild Eggs for breakfast based on recommendations from Urban Spoon.

The restaurant itself is modern and clean and seemed to be pretty busy at 10am on a Wednesday morning. The service was quick, and the food was very good. Ben ordered French Toast, which was tasty and well-done but probably the least exciting item in the meal.

Jonathan ordered Oatmeal, which came with a second plate full of toppings. Although this was not listed as a kid’s item, it was perfect. He really enjoyed playing chef and creating his own “recipe” as he ate his breakfast.

French Toast Toppings

Sarah ordered the wild mushroom scramble with goat cheese. This was fantastic: a variety of mushrooms were representated, and the goat cheese’s tartness provided a nice contrast to the earthiness of the mushrooms. The real star, however, was the muffins. They serve an “everything” muffin that is savory (garlic, onion, poppy seeds, etc.) and has a buttery texture similar to a biscuit yet is still somewhat cakey.

We all had a very satisfying breakfast, but are sad that there is not a Wild Eggs in Cleveland.

Wild Eggs on Urbanspoon


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