Sarah and I met some friends at #1 Phở (pronoucned “Fuh”) on Superior a few days ago. It was our first experience with phở (a Vietnamese soup), and we were not disappointed.

We started with the Goi Ga, a chicken and cabbage salad, and, as our friends told us, it was one of the best uses of cilantro one can find. Everything is tied together with a sharp, fresh vinegar dressing. Even Jonathan really liked it.


For our entrée we split a large phở ga (a small would have been fine), a chicken soup with thin rice noodles.


The best part is the condiments and sauces you add to the soup. It’s served with a large plate of bean sprouts, jalapenos, and fresh thai basil:


The soup also comes with a spicy red sauce and a smoked plum sauce (which was a bit like smoked hoisin). You can make your soup as hot or sweet as you’d like. I liked mine really hot, but Sarah preferred a milder version.

We got Jonathan some fried pork spring rolls, which he enjoyed, plus we gave him as much as he wanted of our food. We also mistakenly ordered another type of roll with heavily smoked beef wrapped in rice paper. Both rolls came with a sweet and hot vinegar sauce. I enjoyed everything, but the smokiness of the beef was a bit much for Sarah.

#1 Phở also has a nice beer and wine selection. I had a 33 Export, a Vietnamese beer, which was, like our food, strongly flavored, with plenty of sweetness, astringency and hops. I’m not a bit lager fan, but it wasn’t bad.

We’ll definitely be returning and maybe trying out Superior Phở as well.

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  • Bite Buff

    Glad you enjoyed it. I was just there yesterday for lunch. It’s one of my favorite spots. Next time, try B7 the House Special.

  • Darcy

    I love this restaurant. I get the house special something or other every time. That salad looks good– I’ll have to try it. Thanks for the tip :)

  • deni

    You make this food look and sound so delish, now I have to go have lunch. I was planning on starting my blog project but stomach is saying NO! EAT FOOD NOW~! haha. We’ll have to try this restaurant soon…

  • Simone

    I am glad that you got to experience Phở. But, I have to say, once you try Superior Phở you will not turn back. I have had wonderful dishes and keep going back again and again. Keep me posted, and enjoy!