After looking on Urban Spoon for a good local restaurant we had yet to visit, Sarah decided on Le Petit Triangle Café. I generally like French, so it seemed like a good choice, plus it looked like a fairly unique establishment.

We started out with the pissaldiere. Like everything else we ordered, it was a perfectly executed mix of contrasting flavors: briney olives, sweet carmelized onions, capers, and gooey rich melted cheese. Even Jonathan liked it.

To drink I had a Duvel, a Belgian beer named for its a devilishly (and deceptively) high alcohol content. It’s one of the best beers you can buy–rich, slighly sweet and nutty– and a bargain for $6 at a restaurant.

I ordered a smoked salmon buckwheat crêpe. The earthy smokiness of the salmon paired wonderfully with rich, garlicky boursin cheese, with everything kicked up a notch by fresh dill and capers. The nuttiness of the buckwheat added a nice touch as well, and makes for a heartier meal than plain white flour.

Sarah ordered the Chicken Croissant, which sounds like a basic sandwich but was made stellar by its preparation and ingredients. The chicken was roasted to perfect tenderness while sweet mango chutney, sour cranberries and tangy chevre added depth of flavor. The sharp mesculin and buttery croissant were good, too, as was the Israeli couscous and lentil salad on the side.

Le Petit Triange has a children’s menu, and Jonathan was happy with his grilled cheese. The fruit on the side was very fresh as well.

For dessert we returned to the establishments’ namesake, a crêpe (or does the name come from the layout of the restaurant? Or both?). After some waffling we decided on the orange trio. The perfectly sauteed crêpe filled with marmalade and topped with fragrant Grand Marnier and fresh oranges disappeared from our plates in a matter of seconds.

We really can’t recommend this place highly enough. Not only is the food excellent, but the prices are extremely reasonable. They should be expanding the space soon as well.

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  • maybelles mom

    We love this place. it is actually very kid friendly too. We have taken belle a couple times. (And thanks for the thank you comment.)

  • holly_44109

    A few friends and I went here for the first time after going to see Julie & Julia. We all thought it was a really nice little spot and were very happy with the food and service.

  • Ryan Reichert

    This is probably one of my favorite spots, especially in the summer on their patio. I take my French speaking group there once a month and they are eternally gracious to our large francophone dinners. Food is amazing — and I will definitely try that appetizer!

  • Tom Noe

    A friend of mine turned me on to Le Petit Triangle over the summer and I have to agree with most of what you say about the food. I had a bit of an issue with my croque monsieur, which I wrote about on my blog, but overall, the experience was great.

  • Deanna Bremer Fisher

    My husband and I love the Triangle. Wish we had one here in the Heights!

  • Karen Tucker

    This is the most authentic French food we’ve ever had in Cleveland and we spend a lot of time in France since we have an apartment in Paris. And it’s not just the food that’s authentic; as in France, you never feel pressured to leave after a certain time. This is a very cozy, friendly restaurant; I always feel as if I’m eating in someone’s home. We love it here!

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