My friends Amy and Sunita offered to take me to a birthday lunch, and I picked the Brew Kettle. I work in Parma, and I hadn’t realized how nearby it was.

I started with the pumpkin ale, and the Brew Kettle definitely makes one of my favorites. New Holland’s Ichabod is a little bitter for me, and Blue Moon’s is a bit thin. While Dogfish’s Punkin is a great beer, it’s very rich tasting. The Brew Kettle’s is lighter and very drinkable. There’s a subtle and medium bodied flavor of pumpkin at the start with a clean, mildly bitter finish.

We decided on the buffalo chicken dip for our appetizer:

It was extremely good, packed with cheddar cheese, buffalo sauce, cream cheese and shredded chicken. It can be almost dangerously addictive, though. We probably shouldn’t have finished it between the three of us, but we did.

Sunita was waffling between the fish burrito and fish sandwich and chose the latter:

The fish was crisp and flaky, not greasy. The tartar sauce was also excellent with a strong dill flavor, and the mac and cheese was really good–smooth, creamy, and not overly heavy.

For my entrée I had the Ultimate Mess Pulled Pork Salad:

It’s a romaine Caesar salad topped with a “mess” of pulled pork and coleslaw. The pulled pork was exceptional: tender and clearly smoked for hours. I’ve put pork in a smoker for 6 hours and didn’t get it this rich and smoky. The cole slaw was crunchy, sharp and with just enough dressing (some slaw tends to be drowned in it). And the Ceasar dressing went surprisingly well with everything else.

Amy ordered the pulled pork sandwich. She really enjoyed it and especially liked that pork wasn’t coated in barbecue sauce. It was just on the side and lightly brushed on top, allowing the full smokiness of the pork to come through.

Our final course was the Brownie Bomb, two large brownies topped with loads of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate fudge sauce and nuts. We dived into it so fast that we forgot about the camera.

Our lunch was very satisfying, and we’ll definitely return to the Brew Kettle. Next time we might indulge a bit less, but that’s what birthdays are for, right?

Thanks to Amy and Sunita for lunch, the pictures and for input in composing this post.

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  • Dineomite

    How does it compare to Buckeye Beer Engine?

  • Ben

    I don’t have extensive experience with either one. At least food-wise, though (based on eating at the Beer Engine years ago), I’d say the Brew Kettle is slightly better. On the whole, though, they’re fairly comparable.

  • Michelle

    I’m a Strongsville native so I’ve been to the Brew Kettle a few times and altho I haven’t been there in forever I’d have to say I like the Beer Engine better. I think it’s the cucumber wasabi sauce they make. I dream about it at night sometimes.

  • Tiffany

    Ahhh that takes me back!!! Pulled Pork Thursday’s are the BEST! Pulled pork and two sides for 5 bucks… I had a standing date there on Thursday’s with a couple co-workers and I greatly miss it :(

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