Ever since the Happy Dog was purchased by Eric Williams (of Momocho fame) we’ve been eager to eat there. My friend and bandmate Dave also heartily recommended it. This visit was in fact our second attempt as we mistakenly assumed that they’d be open for lunch on Saturday (which might be a good idea).

We arrived the following Friday afternoon (the one day they’re open for lunch), eager to try a hot dog ($5). We seated oursleves and picked up a menu, which consists of hot dog toppings on one side and french fry / tater tot toppings on the other. There are 50 possible topping for hot dogs, pretty much anything imaginable from Momocho habanero hot sauce and Carribean slaw to peanut butter and candy sprinkles. One can pick as many dog toppings as are listed with no extra charge. Our waitress said that once someone ordered all of them, which took her about ten minutes of prep time.

I ordered a hot dog with portabello mushrooms and kimchi. It was quite good–especially the meaty, chewy mushrooms–but I felt like I missed the opportunity for more toppings. Sarah pointed out that I could have added brie, and the kimchi was a bit mild–some chillies or hot sauce would have been nice.

Sarah had a dog with chorizo chili, Tillamook cheddar, blue cheese slaw and giadiniera. Hers was excellent. The vegeatables were tangy and spicy, and the chili and cheddar were rich and yummy. It was pretty sloppy–a fork and knife affair.

The hot dogs themselves are thick, beefy and nicely seared (or maybe grilled). These would definitely make a good dinner meal as well.

For sides I had the french fries ($2.50) with saffron aioli and Sarah had tater tots ($2.50) with housemade ketchup and black truffle honey mustard (which was amazingly awesome). Once again Sarah made better choices: the tater tots were more interesting (very crispy and well-seasoned) than the decent fries. Next time we’ll order one side between us–the portions are very generous.

Our waitress asked us if we were vegetarians, and they do offer felafel or veggie sausage instead of hot dogs. All of the toppings seem like they’d be really good on a felafel as well.

The next time we visit, I’ll take my time and pick more than two items. There are so many great options, and I wouldn’t want to miss another opportunity.

Besides good food, the Happy Dog also hosts some excellent bands including Cobra Verde, Hot Cha Cha and Mystery of Two. My band, Hastings Refrigerator Company is hoping to play there soon.

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  • http://www.benjacat.blogspot.com ds

    Glad you finally made it there. I would recommend the egg as a topping. And a Left Hand Milk Stout to go with your dog.

  • http://www.heightseats.com Ben


    I’ve already got my next dog planned: habanero hot sauce, fried egg, giadiniera, bourbon baked bean and habanero pickled red onions.

    Thanks again for the recommendation to go there.


  • http://roxetta.blogspot.com Roxanne

    Thanks for mentioning the vegetarian options that are available! I’ll have to go check out their veggie sausage.

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