After noticing the rib sampler on Sasa Matsu’s online menu, we decided it had been too long since we’d eaten there. Jonathan likes Asian food as well, so it seemed like a good choice.


We started with the Sunomono Salad and the Shrimp Shumai. The radish and cucumbers in the salad paired well with the sweet / sour lemon vinaigrette, and the seaweed added an intense fishy element. We all enjoyed this, and Jonathan commented that it tasted a bit like sweet pickles. We’re also all fans of seafood.


The shumai were very good as well, with a soft rice wrapper with perfectly cooked shrimp inside.


Our main course (and the motivation for our visit) didn’t disappoint either. My favorite were the fragrant and meaty lamb ribs, followed closely by the spicy Korean short ribs. We enjoyed the plum BBQ pork ribs as well, but they were less exemplary than the others. The sides–various pickled vegetables and sweet potato chips–were excellent and perfectly complimented each kind of rib.

We very much enjoyed our visit and will definitely return.

  • Mrs. DinoMite

    Glad you enjoyed your meal at Sasa…we are big fans of the Lamb and Pork ribs. Have you tried any of their Sushi rolls? In my opinion, The Fire roll and Snow Mountain roll are not to be missed.