On a recent trip to Columbus we decided to make a stop at Schmidt’s Sausage Haus after seeing it featured on the Travel Channel’s Man V Food show. In general we are fans of sausage and I have German heritage so it sounded interesting.

The restaurant itself is kind of small and compartmentalized. The décor is rustic. The servers seemed to be primarily female and they were wearing German bar-maid dresses. We stopped by on a Saturday afternoon and found the restaurant pretty full, although we did not have to wait around for a table.

We browsed the sausage buffet, but it did not seem too fresh so Ben and I decided to share the sausage sampler and order a side of potato pancakes. We tried to convince Jonathan to order some sort of sausage, but he was more in a cheeseburger mood.

The Sausage sampler was plated on top of sauerkraut and served with a side of German potato salad and apple sauce. The German potato salad was vinegary and warm like my Mom’s but it was not quite as flavorful as my Mom’s (she uses bacon, yum!). The apple sauce was chunky and sweet, and the sauerkraut was average. We were not impressed by the sausages. They were good, but they were not “Wow” good. They were all moist and had a satisfying snap to the casing. Our favorite sausage ended up being the garlicky knockwurst, second place went to the bratwurst and a tie for last place was the not-so-spicy bahama mama and milder mama.

The potato pancakes were served with the same applesauce and were pretty good. They had a slight onion flavor and were nice and crisp. Although I still like my Mom’s better — with apple sauce and sour cream.

Our verdict on this place is that it is OK, it is good winter weather stick-to-your-ribs food but I don’t think we’ll need to make a return trip.

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  • http://www.dineomite.blogspot.com/ Dineomite

    Much like Sokolowski’s in Cleveland, the legend is much more seductive than real life. I think it’s location (German Village) and tenure (open since Jesus was a sophomore in high school) motivate people to talk it up. If you’re sixty years old, like to eat as much food as you possibly can, and wouldn’t know good food if it punched you in the face, then Schmidt’s would be the perfect place for you to enjoy lunch.

    Schmidt’s has its fans — I’m just not one of them.

  • Mrs. DinoMite

    Its” location. C’mon Cal!

  • http://www.bridgetcallahan.com Bridget

    Henry Wahner’s in Kent was a really fantastic experience the two times I went. So if you’re really craving that, give them a try. There’s also DerBraumeister on Lorain Ave.

    Though my dad’s latkes are always the best.

  • http://www.thedailybalance.com Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    just found your blog and con’t believe it took me this long — i love it!!!

    looking forward to reading more ;)

  • http://heightseats.com Ben

    Cal and Regina: Thanks for some amusing commentary, and we enjoyed finally meeting you this weekend.

    Bridget: Thanks for the suggestions.

    Shannon: Glad you’re enjoying the blog.

  • Genevieve

    This may sound strange, but I’m a vegetarian and I loooove Schmidt’s. Everyone one of my Columbus-based siblings has a birthday or special event, it’s basically just an excuse for all the Clevelanders to go down and eat at Schmidt’s. We always get the soft pretzel appetizer with warm mustard sauce for dipping. I always order a vegetarian spaetzel salad (can also be ordered as a chicken salad), which comes with lots of fresh veggies with yummy spaetzel sprinkled on top with either honey mustard or creamy peppercorn dressing. It also comes with a big, soft roll and butter. Nothing fancy, just yummy.