We were in the mood for “something different” and Phở (Vietnamese Soup) fit the bill. We’d already been to #1 Phở, so we thought we’d try Superior Phở.

Superior Phở is in a plaza of sorts, and you can’t really get there unless you go in a back entrance, which is a bit hard to find. This place is very much worth finding, though.

We started with the shrimp rolls ($3.95), which were quite good. The peanut dipping sauce added a nice vinegar element as well. Jonathan also enjoyed these.

I ordered the Banh Mi pork sandwich ($3.95), which has been praised by Nancy Heller* and on the Cleveland Sandwich Board. It’s well worth ordering. The pâté adds a rich meatiness, and the jalapenos and other vegetables add sharpness and complexity.

Comparisons to #1 Phở are inevitable, so we had to try the chicken phở ($6.45). The broth was notably fuller than that at #1 Phở, and we overall preferred this version. As with any phở, there were plenty of fixings to add.

Finally we had the shrimp fried rice ($7.95), which was eggier than Chinese fried rice and also had a good fish sauce flavor.

The setting of Superior Phở is much more modest than #1 Phở. The lighting is bright fluorescent and the strongest ambiance is from the loud hum of the cooler. Their food is outstanding and very reasonably priced, though, and we’ll definitely return.

Superior Pho on Urbanspoon

* We feel like we’ve been copying Nancy a bit on our restaurants lately (e.g. the B-spot), but we actually visited Superior Phở a week before she posted but have been a little lazy about posting ourselves.

  • http://www.funplayingwithfood.blogspot.com Plays With Food

    Hah! I had my second lunch at Superior Phở today, and not only was it wonderful, but I ran into a former colleague (from the big law firm I used to work for) and his son; the son told me that he learned about the place from my blog! Isn’t that cool?

    My blog will have some photos from today’s lunch shortly, but let me say that I can now also recommend the spring rolls and the spicy Bun bo Hue, which is a tomato-based soup with cayenne pepper,pork and beef, and a thick round rice noodle. And your photos have me wanting to try a rice dish.

  • Henry

    Every time I read your blog I want to visit the restaurant you recommend. I might need to move to Cleveland! Great pictures! Great description. I’m hungry — but whatever I eat won’t be as good as what I see on your blog!

  • Amy

    I agree that the Phở at Superior is among the best I have tried. Unfortunately they use a lot of MSG in all their dishes. During my pregnancy, I asked the owner for a meal suggestion void of MSG, he thought about it for a while and suggested the tamarind soup.

  • http://bitebuff.blogspot.com/ Bite Buff

    It’s great to read a good review of Superior. I am a big fan of #1 Phở and go there often for lunch. Since it is so good (I love B7), it has been hard to convince myself to go someplace else. Now it looks like I will give Superior a try! Thanks.

  • Jim R

    Thanks for the review! Have you tried the tiny Korean restaurant across the hallway from Superior Phở? It’s my new favorite Korean restaurant. I’m afraid to even mention it here because I don’t want it to become *too* crowded.

  • http://www.livetocookathome.com Live to Cook at Home

    Yum, I love Superior Phở. I wish we made it down there more often for both Phở & Wonton Gourmet. By the way, even if you were following in Nancy’s path, you couldn’t pick a much better one to follow :)