For some reason we took far too long to visit Ariyoshi, a Japanese restaurant around a mile from us on Lee Rd. and Tullamore. Perhaps it was the previously cursed location, which cycled through establishments for years. We’re glad we finally got around to eating there, though. The restaurant is large and welcoming, with plenty of colorful decorations on the walls and a sushi bar against one wall.

Ariyoish had a weeknight beer special the night we visited–a 22 oz. Japanese Beer for $5–so I had a Kirin. Sarah had a hot tea, and Jonathan had a Japanese soda called Ramune, which was offered to him at no charge. The bottle–which is “corked” with a glass marble– and flavor (melon) intrigued all three of us. Our waiter told us that they’re available at the CAM Asia Market on Miles Road.

We had spring rolls for our appetizers, which were very good and had a nice herbal (lemongrass?) and mushroom flavor.

Sarah and I split a Bento box for our entrée. The sushi (California roll) was quite good, as was the seaweed salad and melt-in-your-mouth shrimp tempura. The Bento Boxes come with a variety of entrees, and we chose beef with scallions. The meat was tender and strongly flavored with an aroma of carmelized onion. Miso soup and salad were also included. We’d definitely order this again, and there’s plenty for two people, especially if you order an appetizer.

Jonathan had edamame (which he really enjoys) and pork gyoza, which come either steamed or fried (we chose the latter). Jonathan was a little taken aback that they were deep fried (they’re typically pan fried) but took to them eventually. Sarah and I tried them as well and found them very tasty. Ariyoshi is very family-friendly: we saw a number of other people there with kids, and the staff is very accomodating.

We enjoyed our experience at Ariyoshi and look forward to returning soon!

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  • AllLacqueredUp

    I love Ariyoshi! It’s become my go-to sushi spot. I go at least once every two weeks or I start getting the DTs. Their sushi special is fantastic. All the nigiri (except I think 3 types of fish) are $1 a piece Mon-Fri from 5-8pm. And they do BOGO Sake on Friday and Saturday. I have never been disappointed with the fish there and the rolls are very inventive. John, the sushi chef, is great at suggesting tweaks to existing rolls depending on your taste. He recommended adding pieces of jalapeño to a hamachi roll (knowing our love of spice) and it’s SO good.

  • QuarryLaneFarms

    Changed management. Not good.
    Fish has been questionable past few times of visiting.
    Used to be GREAT place for sushi.
    Not happy another sushi place has bit the dust.