Sarah and had lunch at Clyde’s Bistro and Barroom, which recently opened in the renovated dining cars on Lee Rd. in Cleveland Heights. Clyde’s is a cozy, unpretentious establishment with very good, reasonably priced comfort food.

The décor and seating are far better than in previous incarnations of the dining cars. The rich reds create an warm, classy atmosphere. The seats are comfortable, and the aisles are wide enough so that one doesn’t feel cramped (as was the case previously).

We started with the Ceasar salad, which was very generous for a lunch portion and had olives instead of the traditional anchovies. The salad was very tasty, and we might try olives in a homemade Ceaser sometime. We also were served bread, which seemed to be the Pugliese from Stone Oven (no complaints there).

Clyde’s has really good lunch drink specials: house wine for $2.50 and PBR or Budweiser for $1.90. I don’t typically drink with lunch, but as it was a day off and the prices barely exceeded those of pop, I chose a house white. It was unremarkable but quite drinkable, and the pour was generous, not a small lunch size.

I ordered the pulled pork with spicy barbecue sauce ($8.50) which came with fresh cut “pommes frites.” The pork was nicely cooked and the fries were excellent. They might want to consider taking the word “spicy” off the menu, though. The sauce was tangy and definitely not overly sweet like commercial sauces, but there was barely a hint of spice. I asked for hot sauce on the side (which was unfortunately Red Hot rather than Tabasco). The buns for the sandwich are excellent–toasty and buttery–but there was a bit too much bun vs. sandwich for my taste.

Sarah has the chicken sandwich ($8.50) and added bacon. The breast meat was very nicely charred and tender. The toppings were well-chosen: roasted red pepper, asiago cheese, lettuce and tomato. This is definitely something we’d order again. The mashed potatoes were also good and clearly tasted homemade.

We very much look forward to visiting Clyde’s again. The atmosphere and prices are excellent, and the food is very good. There’s also quite a variety of dishes–Salad Nicoise, Eggplant Parmesan, Steak, etc.–that we’re excited to try.

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  • Bite Buff

    Great to read about!

  • Bridget

    This is seriously the fourth time I’ve read about pulled pork today. Guess what I’m going to have to have for dinner.

  • Ben

    Bridget: Weirdly enough, we’re going to Old Carolina Barbecue for the first time tonight, so we’ll probably have pulled pork as well.

  • Heather

    Next time you go, you have to try the pecan pie. The crust is really unique — almost cruller-like.