Cleveland has definitely mastered the art of the gastropub (i.e. an excellent beer selection plus good, innovative food) and the Old Angle on West 25th ranks up there with the best of them.

Jonathan and I arrived early to wait for Sarah to complete her volunteer orientation at the APL, so I had an Arrogant Bastard on draft and perused the menu while Jonathan sketched in his art book. The beer was excellent, mostly quaffed before Sarah arrived.

To start we ordered the specialty pizza of the month:

It was excellent and original with zucchini, beets, feta and marscarpone cheese atop a garlic and oil sauce. There were no herbs or spices notable, but none were necessary: the combination of fresh ingredients made the pizza.

We also ordered the Guinness and Onion Soup and beef sliders. The soup was a decent (but not exemplary) rendition of French onion soup and the sliders, while tasty, were a bit overdone. We weren’t asked about doneness, but my guess is that, as they seemed fresh, we might have been able to order them more rare.

Jonathan had the grilled cheese. He skipped the tomato and onion but kept the bacon. This was a great sandwich, loaded with mixed cheeses and perfectly crisped bacon on thick, buttery bread. The fresh cut fries were excellent, too, very well browned and crunchy but soft inside.

The service was good as well. The waiter was quickly able to suggest kid’s options despite the lack of a children’s menu, and he quietly asked us (not Jonathan) about a ginger ale refill.

We’ll definitely return to the Old Angle to further explore their menu. Unlike many local gastropubs, they offer a variety of vegetarian options including halloumi cheese sliders, Maha’s (of the West Side Market) felafel, fried ravioli, and a veggie wrap. And the grilled cheese would have been very good even without the bacon.

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  • Bite Buff

    This is quickly becoming one of my favorite quick bite stops in our neighborhood. The grilled cheese is one of the best sandwiches that we’ve tried– although the first time we ordered, it had duck instead of bacon and it was by far better! The lamb sliders are tasty. I too was disappointed in the beef sliders. Glad that others are discovering OA.