Since the recently opened Revolution Brewing Company was the “Talk of the Town” on the Chicago Urbanspoon, Sarah and I thought we’d stop by for dinner on our recent visit. We both also enjoy brewpubs, especially those with beer cheese soup.

The feel of Revolution Brewing is a bit more upscale than a typical brewpub. More people were wearing ties and button-down shirts than jeans. The staff is very friendly and down to earth, though, and a sense of humor comes through in the naming of some of the beers.

I ordered an Anti-Hero IPA while we were waiting (briefly) to be seated. It was a great beer, full of floral (but not overly bitter) hops which was nicely counterbalanced by subtle malty sweetness.

For our appetizer we ordered the bacon fat popcorn ($4), which was loaded with fresh bacon, cheese and crispy sage. We all loved this (especially Jonathan) and might try something like it at home.

We never pass up the chance to order cheddar ale soup ($5), and RevBrew’s was among the most flavorful we’ve had. The cheddar is strong and clearly aged, but the hoppiness of the beer comes through as well as does the thyme. The sour cream on top added a mellowing element to the intense flavors. I ordered a Cross of Gold (the beer that’s in the soup) to go with this. It’s a well-balanced, very drinkable ale with a medium-level of hops.

Next Sarah and I split the roasted beet and feta salad ($9). It was wonderful, with both shredded beets and chunks of beets. The richness of the feta was a good match for the beets’ sweetness, and everything was nicely tied together by the dressing. The portion is very generous and could easily be a full entrée.

Finally we had the salami pizza ($12), which we also really enjoyed especially the sharpness of the picholine olives which, even in small quantities, were very noticeable. Jonathan had the cheese pizza and, hungry from a long day of walking, had some of our salami pizza as well.

We didn’t have room for dessert (we couldn’t even finish our entrees), but wished we lived closer than 300 miles away so we could return sooner.

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