Sarah and I bid on a “kid’s movie night / parent’s night out” for our church auction and, as the hosts lived in Twinsburg, we decided to visit Blue Canyon.

The restaurant is really cool looking, even on a rainy day (which it was). The raised barn ceilings add an open feel, and there’s a beautiful view of grassy hills and sky outside the restaurant’s huge windows. A visit during warmer weather when the patio’s open would have been even better.

For our starter we ordered the cast iron cheese bake ($9) with king crab added ($4).

This was more than enough for five people, let alone two. The mix of cheeses excellent–gooey, garlicky and salty–and the portion of crab was very generous. We took about 2/3 of this home with us and happily polished off (almost) a few days later.

Sarah ordered the Mediterranean Brick Oven Chicken Salad with Israeli Couscous ($15):

The chicken was perfectly seared and tender, and the Mediterranean flavors–olives, feta and herbs–went very well with both the chicken and Israeli couscous.

I had the Ginger Snap Tilapia ($22(?)), which was a special the day we visited:

The fish was coated in ginger snap crumbs and served with butternut squash ravioli, green beans, and apple jus and topped with a pan-fried ginger snap cookie. The level of sweetness was a bit unusual, but the ginger and cinnamon worked very well with the fish (although a bit of heat / pepper would have made it even better). The ravioli were tasty and almost pumpkin pie flavored, and the green beans were good but a tad more cooked than I would have liked. The sharp and sweet apple reduction went very well with everything on the plate.

We enjoyed our visit, but Blue Canyon might be better for a family affair (there were plenty of kids) than a date night. The flavors tend to be bright and palate-friendly without being especially sophisticated, and anyone of any age would enjoy the views. We also wished the service was a bit more attentive. Then again, there seemed to be a lot of prom kids there that night, so it was pretty busy.

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  • Bite Buff

    I am totally stuffed from being at a tasting event tonight, but your post still managed to make me drool! We keep meaning to get out there, but it is kind of a trek. Maybe our trip will be sooner rather than later…

  • Dineomite

    This is a great place to go if you need to bring what I call a “Large Portion Eater” ie throwback diners like my father and brothers-in-law. I actually prefer the patio because you can nibble on a number of different things and not end up waddling out of the restaurant.

  • Alicia

    That Mediterranean Brick Oven Chicken Salad has my name all over it. I’ve always heard great things about Blue Canyon, but Twinsburg is a bit of a hike for me. I’m going to have to make the journey some time soon after this post. Thanks for sharing!