Ohio City Burrito is a new addition to the “convenient Mexican” options in town, and Sarah and I were definitely happy we tried it for lunch lately.

The space is small but playfully decorated, and we already felt we’d made a good choice just by the aromas as we entered.

I ordered the Brother’s Burrito with shredded chicken, rice refried beans, tomatos and hot salsa ($6.15). Sarah had a chicken taco with sweet salsa ($2.25).

The burrito was huge with every ingredient adding a nice flavor to the party. The chicken was marinated in a piquant, slightly spicy red sauce, and every burrito comes with fresh guacamole at no additional charge. I could almost live on refried beans and wish more places in the Heights served them. The hot salsa–which was added sparingly on the advice of our friendly counterperson–definitely has a kick. I didn’t get any in my first bite and made the mistake of adding roasted habanero sauce (from Narrin’s Spice at the West Side Market) for good measure, which gave me a very hot burrito indeed. I cooled it off somewhat with refreshing Tamarind Jarritos ($2.00), though. And I still had a third of it left to take home even after eating too much (it’s hard to stop eating a yummy burrito).

The taco was excellent as well. The sweet salsa is a very original element, very slightly spicy and not at all cloying in its sweetness. I might try some as well on my next visit. The lettuce and tomato was fresh and everything went well together.

We only scratched the surface of OCB’s menu, which also includes veggie options, carnitas, barbacoa, taco salad and nachos. The Chipotle comparisons are inevitable (OCB even posted a student survey showing them ranking higher), and I think OCB is fresher and more flavorful. I especially like the refried beans, saucy chicken and nachos on the menu. I enjoy Chiptole as well but am a bit burned out on them as they have a bit of a monopoly in our area on quick Mexican. Sarah, a big Chipotle fan, rates OCB and Chipotle equally. My only caveat would be the question of where OCBs meat and produce comes from (Chipotle is good about providing largely or entirely naturally raised / organic food). I felt weird about asking this, though, especially of a new business on my first visit.

We are excited for our next visit to Ohio City Burrito and are hoping a Heights Burrito might be in the not too distant future.

Speaking of the Heights, Melt on Cedar and Taylor is now open! If anyone feels like visiting there tonight, you’ll probably be just in time to see my band at the Grog Shop by the time you get a table and finish dinner. We’re playing at 10:30–11:00pm or so.

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  • http://bitebuff.blogspot.com/ Bite Buff

    If you’re an east-sider, have you been to Chili Peppers on East 185th Street? I certainly thought that OCB was good, but it still doesn’t compare to Chili Peppers. Here’s my review: http://bitebuff.blogspot.com/search/label/Chili%20Peppers

  • http://www.heightseats.com Ben

    Thanks! Chili Peppers definitely looks worth visiting–I’ve always liked the make your own burrito idea, and the ingredients there sound really fresh. Unfortunately, like OCB, it’s a 20 minute drive from us. And while we often drive west on the way to somewhere, we’re less likely to be going further east. I’d be happy if either place opened a near east side location.

  • http://www.bridgetcallahan.com Bridget

    My biggest problem with Chipotle is all the freaking rice they use. I want my burritos to be like Mi Pubelos, mostly meat and beans.

  • http://www.heightseats.com Ben

    I don’t like the rice much either–I always tell them to go easy on it. My bigger issue is the lack of refried beans. Those are the cornerstone of a good burrito as far as I’m concerned.

  • http://quarrylanefarms.wordpress.com QuarryLaneFarms

    You should have stayed longer and tried a bunch of different stuff. GREAT stuff.

    We are doing a review of this place now (we usually go through 2–3 visits).
    Their stuff (prob thanks to the WSM) is TONS better than Chipotle.

    We agree, we hope they open more locations soon.