Everyone loves barbecue, even vegetarians. But who would expect great barbecue with great sushi? Hiroshi’s Pub has a huge menu, but they somehow manage to successfully pull off about 90% of it.

Hiroshi’s Pub is on Richmond and Chagrin in the same plaza as Moxie. I’m always up for any place with a smoker, and Doug Trattner gave Hiroshi’s a pretty good review. After weeks of trying to persuade Sarah (“An Asian place? Barbecue?”) we finally went there, and we weren’t disappointed.

On our first visit we had the pulled pork sliders ($8.50) for an appetizer, and they were unbelievably good. This was the most melt-in-your-mouth pork I’ve had in Cleveland, although it wasn’t quite as smoky as The Brew Kettle’s. Jonathan also really liked these. We later had the pulled pork sandwich ($6.95), which was a bit more unweildly in a full portion.

One of our favorite dishes was the smoked sausage and cheese platter ($11.95). The various sausages (brats, lamb, etc.) are house-made with plenty of smoke flavor, and the various cheeses and crackers are the perfect compliment. This was a great split entrée, but it would also be perfect appetizer for a table of four or more.

Hiroshi’s also does sushi well. Sarah had a small plate ($14) during her second visit, and everything was fresh and flavorful:

The salmon was tasty and not the least bit fishy, and the tuna roll had a great spiciness that didn’t need any condiments (even Joanthan enjoyed it).

While there was no kid’s menu, Jonathan also really liked the Chihuahua Dog, two hot dogs wrapped in flour tortillas and topped with melted cheese ($6.95). We asked for the chili on the side (instead of inside), but Sarah and I really liked the chili / hot dog combination. The hot dogs are big, beefy, and reminiscent of those at the Happy Dog.

The salads are also tasty. I had the Santa Fe Smokehouse with brisket ($11.95). Every smoked brisket I’ve had in Cleveland has been reminiscent of jerky, but this one was tender but toothsome. The “Tangy Southwestern” dressing is basically an Asian barbecue sauce and went wonderfully with the salad.

Hiroshi’s also has an excellent beer selection, although the beer menu was out of date at both our our visits. I had a bottle of Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA my first visit, and Thirsty Dog Leghumper Porter ($3) and Unibroue Fin Du Monde my second.

The only minor disappointment was the pork potstickers. The menu stated that these were smoked pork, but the filling was standard ground pork. That said, they were quite tasty and we finished all of them.

Our service was excellent–friendly, casual, attentive. The wait staff seemed as disoriented by the dated beer menu as I was, though. I’d much rather a confusing selection of good beers than a straightforward list of middling ones, however, and I’m guessing this issue will be worked out in the near future.

We look forward to our next visit. I somewhat regret not ordering the bighorn sushi (brisket with jalepenos), and I’d really like to try the smoked corned beef Reuben.

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    Sounds like an interesting (and good) combination of flavors!