We’re always up for good barbecue, and, as we were in the area driving back from Cedar Point, we figured we’d try Bubba’s Q.

Like many authentic barbecue places, Bubba’s Q is a fairly unassuming establishment in a building that seems like a cross between a house and a barn. The space is nicely open, though, with a high A-frame ceiling and visible supports.

As they’re known for their ribs, Sarah and I split a full rack of baby backs with fries, baked beans and fried corn. Jonathan had the kids’ hot dog dinner.

The ribs were unbelievably good, not just the best we’ve had in town but maybe the best we’ve had ever. The meat was perfectly tender, smokey and flavorful. The outside had a flaky dark brown crust that Sarah couldn’t get enough of. The barbecue sauce on the side is pretty good, vinegary, slightly sweet and not very hot. The ribs didn’t need much (if any of it), though, because of how good they were by themselves.

The sides were excellent as well. The molasses in the beans had a clear caramel element, but they weren’t cloyingly sweet. The fries were double-fried and crispy, and the “fried corn” was a tasty creamed corn flecked with bacon.

Even Jonathan’s hot dog looked good, somewhat blacked on the outside from being on the grill

I was a bit concerned that, like Fat Casual, Bubba’s Q wouldn’t serve beer, and I kind of needed one after a long day at Cedar Point. They do, but I couldn’t tell you the full list: they had me at a draft of Lake Erie Monster, Great Lakes’ Imperial IPA. The powerful hops and subtle sweetness went really well with dinner.

We rarely make it as far west as Avon, but when we do we’ll definitely check out Bubba’s Q again.

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  • http://clevelandfoodandbrews.com Brad of Cleveland Food and Brews

    I’ve been meaning to make it to both Fat Casual and Bubba Q’s because I love good BBQ. Hearing that Bubba Q’s had the Monster on draft is a major plus to go along with some amazing looking and sounding food. That picture really looks appetizing! Cheers!

  • http://poiseinparma.com Alicia at Poise in Parma

    I’ve been lucky enough to work with Al Bubba Baker on a few occasions and couldn’t speak more highly about a business owner. His passion for his product is amazing — you can’t help but want to try it when he speaks about it. And then you taste it and it’s seriously legit.

    I have a bottle of that BBQ sauce that I’m working through — it’s so good on everything. I still have yet to eat at the restaurant, so that’s on my list the next time I’m on that side of town.

  • Dave

    We’ve lived less than 5 minutes from Bubba’s since the doors opened and it has permanently been taken of our list of restaurant choices. I LOVE good BBQ and am a pretty good pit master myself. While we have had 1–2 ok meals there since they opened, the majority have been disasters. Unfortunately many of the issues have been service related, the worst being the time they turned the lights off on us one night as we were finishing our beers and watching the last couple minutes of a Cavs game a couple years ago. It was a couple minutes after 10 and their sign says they close at 10. You probably could have guess they didn’t offer us to go boxes for the rest of our food either. But service is not their only issue. The food is very inconsistent and aside from the ribs it is not very good. The pulled pork is a disgrace to the BBQ world and I have yet to find a side dish I like (although I am just starting to like baked beans and the way you describe them they sound good). I did reach out to Bubba one time via email after a bad experience and he basically said too bad, if you don’t want to come again, other people will. I hate to be so negative, but we’ve had so many bad experiences there that I wanted to share. Most of our friends feel the same way.

    On a more positive note, I had some of the best BBQ I’ve ever eaten at Lagerheads Smokehouse and Brewery in Medina over the weekend. I highly recommend checking it out if you’ve never been. It was my first visit but I would rather drive 40 minutes to get there from Avon Lake than to drive less than 5 and eat at Bubba’s again.

  • Dave

    Sorry but I had one more pet peeve that really irritates me about Bubba’s. I like spicy BBQ sauce. As you mentioned, there’s has no heat. I’ve asked if they have any spicy sauce and was told I can buy my own bottle of spicy BBQ sauce to take home and use it with my meal. Seriously??? Have you been to BBQ joints in the south? They often have 5 bottles of different sauce on the table for you to try. Bubba, maybe I would buy a bottle of that spicy sauce to take home but how about you let me try it first???

    I do have one nice thing to say. They sell Pittsburgh Steelers toilet papter :)