Typically one doesn’t think of restaurants around E. 4th and Euclid Avenue as being kid-friendly, but Jonathan Sawyer’s Noodlecat is an exception to the rule.

The restaurant is a nice mix of casual and upscale and seems like it would appeal to a wide variety of clientele. Sarah and I met there for lunch and decided that bringing Jonathan next time would be a good idea.

Sarah was drawn to the pork dishes, the Hokkaido Ramen (pictured above) on the first visit and the Pork Miso Ramen the second time. Both were very good, with the Hokkaido being notable for the plethora of yummy corn. Sarah slightly preferred the Pork Miso for its more intensely flavored broth. Both had tasty, perfectly tender pork.

My favorite dish thus far has been Kyoto Udon. The rich mushrooms and kombu stock make for one of the most complex and satisfying soups I’ve ever tried. The tofu makes the dish more substantial–the soup would be great for dinner as well.

On my next visit I tried the Tempura Soba Dori. All of their noodles are made by Ohio City pasta, and these were particularly good. The zucchini tempura fritter and greens were also tasty, but, unlike the vegetarian Kyoto Udon, this dish felt like it could have used protein and a richer broth to give it more substance.

Jonathan ordered the kid’s portion of the College Ramen featuring peas, corn and chicken broth. He kept calling it “the best noodles I’ve ever had” and wanted his leftovers later that day.

We also ordered the rice cakes as an appetizer, which all three of us enjoyed. They were basically a very good rendition of sushi rice without the sushi. The dipping sauce is especially good.

We look forward to future visits to Noodlecat, maybe for dinner next time.


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