Sweetie Fry is located on Lee Rd., less than a mile from our house. The area has needed a good ice cream shop for years. The closest one towards Cleveland is La Gelateria, and in the other direction is Mitchell’s. They also have the cold weather bonus of outstanding fries.

Based on numerous visits, we have been very happy with Sweetie Fry. The list of flavors contains most of the standards, but there is still an element of adventure to the offerings.

(the menu above is from a few weeks ago–they switch up flavors regularly)

Everything we’ve tried has been excellent. The pumpkin pie was deep orange and strongly flavored with pumpkin and spice. The chocolate raspberry is a perfect combination of rich chocolate and bittersweet jam. The maple bacon is full of mapley sweetness and smokey bacon. Even the mango sorbet has a rich texture rarely found in anything without cream.

Their ice cream has the flavor intensity of gelato with some of the creamy richness of traditional ice cream. Whatever their base recipe is, they should definitely stick with it.

The space is inviting with lots of wood and a number of tables. The staff and owner are also very friendly and welcome customers to try new flavors and samples. They include an optional “Sweetie Scoop” with every order, a small scoop on top that allows you to try an additional flavor.

The fries are also outstanding. They offer traditional, shoestring and waffle fries along with numerous sauces such as barbecue mayo and masala, all of which have been good. The fries are crispy and clean tasting with no apparent oiliness. They also offer “entrée fries” including chili cheese, truffle Parmesan and Tabasco Gorgonzola. We’ve gotten the waffle fries with freshly grated cheddar cheese, which tasted really good in near freezing weather. I said that the fries were a cross between a fry and a potato chip. Sarah, after eating more than she thought she should, said that they were more like a cross between food and drug.

If you live in the area, there’s no excuse for not giving Sweetie Fry a try, no matter what the season.

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  • http://darxyanne.com Darcy

    I’m very happy to have walking distance access to delicious French fries. The truffle Parmesan fries are excellent, and Andy loved his chili cheese fries as well. The entrée portions seemed big enough to share to me, but we didn’t find that out until after we each ordered our own. I love the big window into the kitchen area so you can watch the ice creams being created. The sesame dipping sauce is also fantastic!