We crossed the river to visit Barroco Grill a few weeks ago and very much enjoyed it.

The establishment is at 129th and Madison in Lakewood and only seats around 20 people at most. We were there during a large birthday party, so the three of us squeezed ourselves into a table meant for two.

The specialty of the house is arepas, a cross between a tortilla and crusty bread that is common in Colombia and Venezuela. They are made of white corn masa and deep fried, with a thickness and toothsomeness that is very satisfying.

Sarah and I split the Chorizo Arepa ($9) and the Cheesy Corn ($8). While the arepa was tasty, I wasn’t a fan of the combination of crumbly “bread” and crumbly chorizo (Sarah didn’t mind this). I added a fried egg to the leftovers, though, which made for a perfect sandwich. This might be a good option on the menu. What isn’t improved by a fried egg?

The Cheesy Corn, an non-traditional dish created by the owner, was unbelievably good. A bowl of melted mozzarella cheese mixed with corn, chicken and bacon is served with arepa “chips.” I could eat this on a daily basis. Jonathan really liked this as well.

Jonathan ordered the “Super Dog,” a hot dog topped with garlic sauce, ranchero sauce and pineapple. The sweet and mildly spiced sauces paired perfectly with the hot dog and pineapple. The flavor combination beats ketchup and mustard any day.

Our service was also very good. We mistakenly knocked over a pop and the arepa–there wasn’t much room at our table–and our server brought us another one on the house three minutes later. The establishment is also BYOB. I didn’t do this as we were there for lunch, but it would be a great dinner option.

The owner told us that there will be a new location opening soon in the Warehouse District with a third planned opening near Beachwood Mall. We look forward to having a more nearby location so we can eat more arepas.

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