A couple years ago, my mom got us some exotic jams and marmalades from Swaziland for Christmas. Somehow she placed a double order for the price of one, so we’ve been going through them pretty slowly. Inspiration struck, though, when we were asked to bring some flavor boosters for grilled chicken to Sarah’s brother’s place and didn’t have time for something like, say, mole.

My favorite was the Mango Sriracha Glaze. The recipe calls for chicken thighs but was really good on breasts, and we used leftovers for wings. The sauce took all of three minutes to make, and we didn’t add it until after cooking (although I did boil the sauce briefly to meld the flavors). The combination of sweet mango, hot sriracha and rice vinegar was awesome.

Sarah was partial to the Peach Ginger Soy Glaze. The recipe calls for peach jam and fresh ginger, but our jam was ginger peach, further simplifying an already easy recipe. We used it on already cooked chicken the first time, but it was also good on the broiled wings as specified in the recipe.

I also brought along Soy and Blackberry Glaze (made after reading a post by Dine-O-Mite), which was still good after a little over a year.

I came up with one original recipe, a “margarita glazed swordfish” with a mixture of lime marmalade, tequila, triple sec, vinegar, and chili flakes, cooked briefly and then brushed on cooked swordfish. I didn’t like this quite as much of the others, but part of the issue was the slightly overdone fish. On the side are oven roasted vegetables: carrots, potatoes, zucchini, garlic and broccoli stalks, basically stuff hanging around in the fridge. Sarah was not happy with the broccoli, but I found it an interesting addition.


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