I have been going to Tommy’s since before I was born. It’s home to my first memories of experiencing pita bread. Ben and I met the minister that married us there and we’ve been to Tommy’s many times since.

The restaurant itself is plain, and the décor consists of the work of local artists (for sale) and plants. Natural light abounds during the day. The menu has not changed in decades — but this is a positive attribute. Although known for being vegetarian, their menu does not exclude meat. Some of the more popular items on the menu include milk shakes, french fries, toasted cheese (served on pita), salads with Louie dressing (a take on Thousand Island).

One of our favorites is the unusual pairing of hummus, toasted cheese and fresh vegetables. Warm hummus with melted cheese sounds odd — but tastes really good. Jonathan gave the dish the kid stamp of approval. Our only minor complaint is that there should have been more pita bread to match the quantity of hummus.

On a recent visit Ben and I each tried something we haven’t had before from the menu. I had a spinach pie with cheese, which was quite good. I would definitely order it again. It is meal sized, includes plenty of munster cheese and is pleasantly spiced.

Ben ordered the BLT, and added an egg. The BLT is served on a pita like most of their other sandwiches. It wasn’t quite as good as the other items we ordered–a bit light on the bacon–and might have been better with added cheese (but what isn’t?)

We skipped their excellent fries in order to experiment a bit, but we’ll definitely get them next time we visit.

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