We spent our Saturday afternoon at an excellent Passport to Fishing class for kids at the Goodyear Hunting and Fishing Club south of Akron. Since we were in the area, we figured we check out a local restaurant and picked Cajun Dave’s in Kent.

Cajun Dave’s is located inside the Water Street Tavern and is basically just a counter and a kitchen. We ordered the Cajun Dave’s fries ($8), appetizer gumbo ($5.50) and shrimp creole ($12) to split. All apps were actually a dollar cheaper for their 3-7pm happy hour. Jonathan ordered the smoked gouda mac-and-cheese.

We were a bit surprised at how long we had to wait for our food, about 30–35 minutes. We also felt a tad out of place both as a family and 30–40 somethings. The music is loud, there are lots of televisions, and almost no one looked over 23.

Once our food arrived, we were quite happy with it. The fries were clearly fresh cut with lots of meaty debris (fragments of slow-cooked beef), cheddar cheese and horseradish sauce. The portion was huge, enough for a meal for 3–4 people. This was so tasty I kept thinking about it on the way home.

We also enjoyed the gumbo, which had a good cajun spice flavor and plenty of saucy shrimp, sausage and chicken. We grabbed a bottle of hot sauce, though, to spice it up a bit.

The shrimp creole was a bit disappointing. The tomato sauce could have used more depth of flavor, and even adding hot sauce didn’t quite kick it up enough.

Jonathan’s smoked gouda macaroni and cheese was a standout, though, rich (but not overly so) with nicely cooked pasta and plenty of smoky cheese flavor. He was unhappy the next day that he couldn’t just eat leftover mac ‘n cheese rather than a regular Sunday dinner.

The beer list, like the establishment itself, is pretty mainstream. The most adventurous options–bottles included–were Great Lakes Dortmunder and Shock Top Wheat IPA on draft. I’ve had the GLD a lot–it’s a good standby–and the Shock Top was surprisingly tasty. If you’re looking for an exciting beer list, though, try somewhere else.

We’d definitely like to eat more food from Cajun Dave’s–maybe the Shrimp and Crawfish Etouffe, the Jambalya, and a redux on the fires–but we could live without dining at the Water Street Tavern, at least on a Saturday night. Take out might be a good option next time around.

The kids’ fishing event in Mogadore is also worth checking out. It’s being repeated a few times in the next few months, is free and your kids get fishing equipment. Give them a call if you’re interested.


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