Based largely on the Dine-O-Mite’s enthusiastic recommendation (and some other buzz), I stopped by Crostatas this weekend on the way home from Bainbridge to pick up pizza, one Margherita and one Salsica (sausage).

The crust is by far the best we’ve had in Cleveland. They imported a wood-burning pizza oven from Italy, which creates a deep caramelization and smokiness. I always leave over pizza crusts, but I ended up eating these along with the slices.

We weren’t quite as excited about the toppings. The sauce is pretty mild and the portioning is scant. We would have liked our pizzas better if either the sauce was more bold or the portion more generous. Sarah’s verdict was that the pizza “had so much potential.” The overall flavor is improved with red pepper flakes, but really good sauce has enough flavor as to not really need them.

Crostatas has good pizza, and we’ll definitely get it again if we’re in that part of town. It’s doubtful that we’ll make the 25+ minute trip from the Cleveland Heights otherwise, though.

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  • Nancy

    We love Crostatas! The toppings are more like what you’d get on a pizza in Italy — sparse compared to the quantities used in most American style pizza, but very tasty. We’ve tried a few of the appetizers also, and found them very delicious — the stuffed peppers are to die for!

  • DineOMite

    I’m not going to hate on the place, but there’s been a disconnect between when they first opened to the present. I know I hear people say this a lot, but these pizzas simply are not the same as they used to be. I urge you to hit Biga Wood Fired Pizza out in Kirtland. There is simply no one within two hours of Cleveland that is remotely close to what they’re doing over there. This is world-class napolitana pizza. I also have it on good advice that Vytauras Sasnauskas at Americano is now doing pizzas. In my discussions with him, he certainly understands wood fired pizza. John over at Biga said that Flour brought in someone who actually knows something about pizza. He urged me to give it another try. When I had it this past winter their pizza was an absolute tasteless joke. I trust what John says. You might want to get in on some of that action, too.

  • Ben

    The first thought that hit me after having Crostata’s was how much better Flour’s pizza is. In general, they seem to have a fairly similar crust to Crostata’s but with much bolder and more flavorful toppings. I’m not sure when they got a new guy there. We’ve liked their pizzas since last summer (and had one just a few weeks ago) and they seemed the same. Then again, we weren’t a huge fan of the one non-tomato one we’ve had–our favorite is the Margherita. We definitely want to check out Biga sometime. Sarah’s parents live in Kirtland, so we’re out there a lot.