Sonic gave us a $50 gift card to review the opening of their new Cleveland-area location. That was over a year ago when they opened on Snow Road, and we never made it there. We still had the card when a franchise opened in Mayfield Heights, though, so we decided to check in out.

While Sonic’s menu is largely typical fast food fare, their quality and delivery method are a step above the competition. Over numerous visits we tried almost everything on their menu and were pleased with both food and service.

There are three ways to order at Sonic: the drive-in, where servers deliver your food on roller skates; the inside counter where there are tables to eat; or at the drive through. We generally do drive-in for the uniqueness. There are lots of pull up spots, and our orders have generally been accurate and quickly delivered. We did have a communication issue once, but, after I walked up to the counter to correct it, we were given the item in question for free. There is some confusion about tipping at Sonic, but Sarah and I do so for drive-in service. The servers are doing about as much as at a typical restaurant, so it only seems fair.

Onto the food. Sonic is known for their hot dogs, so one visit we each ordered Chicago dogs. Sarah and I really liked all of the vegetables.

Sonic’s chicken fingers were crisp and juicy, and the burgers were tasty as well. The fries are definitely above average, as is the ice cream. It’s far better than McDonald’s, but not quite as good as Dairy Queen’s. There is also a fun variety of slushes and limeades. Sarah especially liked the coffee ice cream drinks.

Breakfast is served all day, and we really liked their burritos. The Supersonic is loaded with vegetables–tomatoes, onions, jalapenos–and was especially tasty. We also enjoyed their appetizer selection which included mozzarella sticks and jalapeño poppers.

Sonic isn’t exactly the healthiest meal choice–despite a number of vegetable cameos, there are no salads and a good percentage of the menu is fried–but it’s definitely a fun place to visit once in a while. We look forward to our next visit.

Full disclosure: We were compensated in advance for this review, as we stated at the beginning. However, we were told to only visit after calling ahead so that they could be ready for us. We never did this because it didn’t seem like a fair way of reviewing. Every visit was unannounced, and we never told anyone at the establishment that we would be doing a review.