This weekend I wanted to finally eliminate the giant pile of paper recipe print outs cluttering our kitchen — I thought there must be an easier way. My plan was to use an Android tablet we don’t use often as a permanent fixture in the kitchen to reference recipes, but I also wanted a way to sync shopping lists and recipes to both my husband’s and my phone (Android and iPhone.)

I looked at three different options Foodily, Paprika and Pepperplate. Ultimately I decided on Pepperplate because it offered everything I was looking for. I like that it takes 1 click to add recipes from most large recipe websites using their bookmarklet, and it is a simple procedure to add a recipe manually. As an interface designer, I appreciate that their interface is simple — but easy to understand and use. The only problem I have run into is that I don’t quite get how to use the Menus and Planner options. I would like to use the Menu and Planner to create shopping lists, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that happen. In the “All Recipe” view I would also like to be able quickly add recipes to a shopping list instead of clicking into each recipe.

These small things aside, the website and iPhone app sync quickly and using the shopping list at the grocery store was great. You can sort your list by grocery section or by recipe. As you check the items off, they are disabled, and when you check off everything in a grocery section that part of the list collapses.

Using the recipe view on a tablet on a busy Sunday in the kitchen was also very easy. I need to figure out a place to put the tablet so it’s out of the way.

Do you use an app in the kitchen? What’s your favorite?


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