I love shortbread cookies, loved Christine’s creative decorations and also love to support local businesses. This one is practically in my backyard, so I had to pitch in on Kickstarter. As a backer on Better Bit of Butter’s Kickstarter campaign I was very lucky to get a sampling of her delicious cookies ahead of her store’s grand opening. Better Bit of Butter is located at 4261 Mayfield Road near the intersection of Belvoir and Mayfield. In a former life the shop was called Cake Castle. As of Saturday when I picked up my goodies the sales area seemed just about ready — and Christine said they would be opening any day now.

The cookies are super cute!

The cookies look awesome, but how do they taste? Just as great — if not better. We’ve been enjoying the cookies with tea and coffee in the afternoon, stored in our fridge. As of tonight they’re still tasty and have the perfect texture. They’re not too soft, but not hard and crumbly either — right in the middle. In addition to the 6 pack of the decorated cookies we received a 6 pack of Better Bit of Butter’s Dark Chocolate & Cranberry with a sugared edge. Unlike other flavored shortbread cookies I’ve tried lately (I’m looking at you Whole Foods Cookie Bar) these cookies taste like chocolate and cranberry, they’re not just decorative. I also really liked the sugared edge, I am not sure how she has the time to add such detail to each cookie — but I think it is these details that truly set these cookies apart.

In our house Ben is a fan of the Chocolate and Cranberry cookies, while Jonathan and I have been enjoying both varieties. I am looking forward to trying her other cookie flavors soon!

Better Bit of Butter

4261 Mayfield Road, South Euclid, OH.

216.291.4966 | facebook

Tiny attention to detail give the cookies a polished look.

Dark Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies with Sugared Edge


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