Inspired by Bite Buff’s many effusive reviews of Cork & Cleaver Social Kitchen, Sarah and I decided to give it a try. We were glad we did.

Despite the strip mall location (strangely common these days for tasty establishments, e.g. the DC Pasta Company), the restaurant is inviting and stylish. Jonathan noted the pattern of gold leaf wallpaper strips. There isn’t an overly strong air of formality, though. One gets the sense that everyone is welcome.


Sarah and I both ordered Blueberry Rondells to drink. These were sneaky cocktails. One is hit with an alcohol punch on the first sip, not really mitigated by sweetness or acid. As one progresses through the drink, though, the aromatics of blueberry and mint predominate, then the idea of ordering another comes up. But the alcohol was there all along, and you really should stick to no more than two of these if you’re driving.

Or one could order a non-alcoholic drink, and these stand out as well. Jonathan got a “homemade soda” consisting of mixed fruit, sugar and a hint of vinegar. It was really tasty, and I would definitely order one with lunch.

We shared the crudite for our appetizer, which consisted of quite a variety of vegetables including pickled asparagus and fresh green beans along with a honey mustard sauce and other condiments. We very much enjoyed it.

Sarah got the lamb gnocchi for her entrée, which was outstanding. The richness of the lamb paired perfectly with tender (but not overdone) potato gnocchi and tangy yogurt. I’m looking forward to working on the leftovers.

Jonathan had the fried chicken and macaroni and cheese, two of his favorite dishes paired together. He really liked the buttery macaroni, but the chicken was a tad too hot for him in terms of temperature, and he was mostly full by the time it cooled down. The chicken was really flavorful and the honey was a nice touch, but the crust could have been a tad more crispy.

I had the scallops, a main neither Sarah nor I have ordered in years. I was extremely impressed: the scallops were perfectly seared, and the fennel and beans provided a flawless flavor medley against the scallops’ sweetness. Sarah declared a while ago that she no longer liked scallops, but trying a bite of these made her reconsider.

After the Rondell I ordered a Rum Punch, which struck me as like a mojito but with some added flavor complexity. Very good, but not quite up to the level of the Rondell.

Our service was excellent, and I think we were recognized when we were asked (by the owner?) about our commute from the east side.

We actually now live on the west side in Olmsted Township, but Broadview Heights (the location of Cork & Cleaver) is still about a half hour away. Despite the drive, we will definitely be returning.

Sorry, by the way, for how little we’ve been posting lately. The move took up a lot of our time and energy. We’ll be keeping the name Heights Eats, even though we’ve moved out of the Cleveland / University Heights area. We’re still at a high elevation (there are plenty of nearby “Heights” suburbs) and we don’t want to lose any of our readers (i.e. you).

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  • Dineomite

    I was gifted $100 toward a dinner at C+C. I’ve not been yet, but my in-laws (the purchasers of said certificate) absolutely raved about the service, food, and overall experience. I look forward to one day trekking over to Broadview Heights to see what all the commotion is about.