Ben and I had lunch at Bangkok Thai Cuisine based on the recent glowing review from Nancy Heller’s Fun Playing With Food. We had been to their previous location on Green Road a year or two ago. In contrast the new space is much more stylish. The old space was white and pretty generic looking with only 2–4 tables, but the new space appears to have around 15 tables and has nice décor. I thought it was a little dark for lunch time, but they had nice tapestries and wooden carved figures that helped set the mood.

I ordered the lemon iced tea based on Nancy’s recommendation (and photo), and Ben got a tamarind juice. Both were sweet but with an added exotic flavor that you don’t find often. I also ordered the masaman curry with tofu (pictured above), and Ben ordered the green curry noodles. I asked for “medium” spicyness, while Ben being more adventurous chose the “hot and spicy” (level 3). I am not sure what goes into masaman curry, but I loved it. The exotic and tropical flavors really went well with the nice spring weather. The vegetables were cooked perfectly and were a nice contrast to the soft tofu.

Ben was very happy with his green curry noodles (pictured above). The tomatoes added a nice tang to the dish, the noodles were flavorul, and the dish was well-spiced. Ben is thinking of ordering the hottest level next time, however.

We really enjoyed our lunch, and we’ll definitely visit again sometime soon!

Bangkok Thai Cuisine in Cleveland

  • Nancy Heller

    Glad you liked it! If you really want spicy — ask for it “Thai Spicy”. I did that the first time I ate there and all I can say is — better have a double Thai Iced Tea ready to tame the heat!