Last night we were in the mood for something hearty and warm but did not want soup. After tossing around some ideas we settled on Battiste and Dupree. We’ve read a number of reviews about it and were interested in trying it out. I didn’t feel like braving the snow, so Ben picked up our order. The food was ready in 20 minutes and included a complimentary pecan praline. We ordered the jambalaya, shrimp étouffée and red beans and rice. Jonathan got the polish sausage po-boy.

Shrimp Étouffée


First, we were extremely impressed with the depth of flavor: everything tasted slow roasted and rich. There was also a nice level of spiciness which built up over time. The shrimp were large and fresh — nothing tasted fishy or off.

Po Boy Topped with French Fries and Slaw

J’s Po Boy was also a favorite among our family. J really enjoyed it, and Ben said he could eat three of these. The Polish Sausage was dipped in a hearty BBQ sauce and the french fries were still crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle even though they were topped with a vinegary slaw. The flavors blended very well.

Pecan Praline

Last but certainly not least is the Pecan Praline. We split this giant Praline three ways and were all very satisfied. J said it tasted like nuts and frosting and was very yummy. I thought that this was far better than the Praline we had in New Orleans, and Ben thought it was the perfect finish to an outstanding meal.

Ben and I agreed that this meal ranked with some of the best we’ve had in New Orleans — and that we felt like we had taken a little vacation there.

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  • Dine O Mite

    I am VERY skeptical when I hear about Cajun in Ohio. Without question this is the real deal. I’m glad you enjoy it. I wish he would invest in a website. I’d say on average I get 2 or 3 people a day reading my review on this place.

  • Mimi Hargate

    I have always wanted to try this place especially after having been to the Jazzfest. Thanks for your helpful review, I am there.

  • Michele

    There food is delicious, and being a Nawlins native and growing up eating cajun cuisine, I am not easily impressed. However, this restaurant is the “real deal”. I enjoyed the high quality ingredients, and time and energy put into “plating” the food is was exquisite!