Cheddars (soon to be renamed Krazy Mac’s Café) is a restaurant on 58th and Detroit specializing in macaroni and cheese (20+ varieties). It is also the site of the former Snicker’s Tavern and still serves most of the Snicker’s menu.

My dilemma here is whether to review this as Cheddars or as the former Snicker’s, which we considered to be up near Fire and Three Birds as one of the best restaurants in Cleveland. The two reviews would be significantly different.

First (and, really, most importantly), they do a very good job at macaroni and cheese. I ordered the Southwestern, which has chorizo, cheddar, pepper jack and black beans in a red pepper sauce. The pasta is perfectly done. You don’t want al dente for mac & cheese, but you don’t want mush either. The flavors of all of the cheeses and other ingredients came through and blended nicely. The spiciness was relatively low key–I don’t think it would be too much for anyone who likes Mexican flavors–but I kicked it up a bit with some Tabasco from our waitress. The dish was nicely baked and had a really good, thin cheese crust on top.

Jonathan ordered the kids’ Krazy Mac with a hot dog, and he enjoyed his as well. I had to try some of course, and it was a very good basic mac & cheese

Sarah ordered the Black Forest Ham and Cheese Melt, which was unremarkable. We noticed that it’s not on their online menu (is it being discontinued?), and perhaps there’s a reason for that. Sarah does remember ordering this from Snickers, though, and its being an outstanding sandwich.

We also didn’t see the Chicken Cigars from Snickers, which were excellent. Then again, these are on the online menu. So perhaps this establishment is in transition in a number of ways. The décor is basically upscale–black and bold red–but the menu seems to be shifting towards being family oriented. The prices are also family friendly. Most of the mac & cheese dishes are slightly over $10 and come with a salad. And there were plenty of kids there. But the bar area is definitely posh looking.

It seems like the old Snickers is slowly disappearing, first in their move from West 76th street and now their being subsumed into another establishment. It doesn’t help matters that Sarah doesn’t even like macaroni and cheese (with the exception of Kraft boxed, which proves to me that she definitely doesn’t like macaroni and cheese).

We’re planning on trying Latitude 41N sometime soon, which is across the street from Cheddars and was opened lately by Kathy Brown, the original owner of Snickers.

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  • russ

    Had you visited Snickers in the 58th & Detroit location? My understanding was that the move came with an ownership change. The times I was there before the Cheddar’s phenomena it was interesting bar food, but I wouldn’t have put it at the top of any lists.

    However I do love Cheddar’s. And if anyone gets an OhioCityEats blog together, I’ll lobby for putting Latitude 41N at the top for creative and delicious breakfasts.

  • maybelles mom

    you know, i really miss the old snickers. the three headed creature (Latitude 41 N, Snickers, and Cheddars) that have resulted to me are 1/3 as good. Thanks for your honest review.

  • Ben

    Russ: We did visit Snickers on 58th and Detroit, but only a couple months after the move. It may have retained more of the original food and vibe then. I agree that Cheddar’s has some really good macaroni and cheese, but it’s a very different entity than the original Snickers.

    Maybelle’s Mom: We definitely agree. We still want to try Latitude 41 N, though.