My brother generously watched our little one all weekend long so Ben and I could have a chance to spend some time alone together. We had planned on doing some shopping at some kid unfriendly stores like Crate & Barrel and Williams Sonoma, but the weather did not coöperate. We found that stores were closing early, and were concerned whether or not Lolita would stay open. But we were in luck–they were open on Saturday night. After a treacherous drive through the unplowed streets of Tremont we arrived about 40 minutes later than our reservation, but they were understanding and we were seated right away. This was our first visit to the restaurant, but after reading so many positive reviews on other blogs and from friends we were very excited about the dinner. The restaurant was surprisingly full at 6:00pm, so we were not the only ones who braved the weather to enjoy the food. The atmosphere was dark, but there were artistic touches that made the place seem “hip.”

We started with an order of the bruschetta with cheese, and since I love prosciutto we could not resist ordering a plate of that as well. The bruschetta has a sharp roasted garlic flavor which is complemented nicely by the creaminess of the cheese. We received an ample portion of the prosciutto, which was quite good along with some toasts, pickled fennel and cherry relish.

For entrées Ben chose the macaroni and goat cheese with chicken:

The sauce was intensely flavored with rosemary, probably through an infusion as there were almost no visible sprigs.

Sarah chose the hanger steak, which was quite good. The combination of chickpea salad and steak was unusual but very tasty, and the steak was cooked to perfection:

For dessert we both chose the Pot du Chocolat because we had heard so much about it. We were not disappointed. The chocolate mousse was very thick and chocolaty and was complimented nicely by the cream, dollop of caramel and sea salt.

In the end we both thoroughly enjoyed our experience and look forward to the next time we can make a trip out to Lolita. Hopefully the weather will be more coöperative next time we get a date night!

Lolita in Cleveland

  • Nancy Heller

    You are braver/crazier than we are. We had planned to dine at Lolita, first on Friday, then on Saturday — but the weather simply did not permit.

    So glad you enjoyed your first meal there — next time — try some pizza!

  • maybellesmom

    I am glad that you ended up going despite the snow (a sitter is a sitter if you ask me.) looks wonderful.