Dave’s Cosmic Subs is one of three sub shops on Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights. It has the most unique interior of the three, and the sandwiches are pretty good. In all honesty I am not sure I can declare a favorite of the three because I like different features of each sandwich. For this review I will stick to Dave’s.

My favorite is the Sloppy Dave (pictured above), it has plenty of cheese and meat as well as a generous amount of “Dave’s Special Sauce” which is their own brand of italian dressing. The sandwich itself is slightly spicy and goes well with the crunchy roll. My only complaint is that it can be hard to eat because of it’s construction. The lettuce is placed first, then the meat and last but not least are the cheese and peppers. Ben’s favorite sandwich is the Haight Ashbury (vegetarian sandwich) with marinated tomatoes.

For kids they offer simple sandwiches with just meat and cheese, and nothing else. Jonathan likes the ham and cheese, but more often than not picks the ham and cheese out of the sandwich because he is not a fan of crusty bread. We would recommend that you give Dave’s a try if you like subs and happen to be near one of their Cleveland area locations at lunch time.

Dave's Cosmic Subs Coventry in Cleveland Heights

  • michelle v

    I like the Dave’s in Chagrin Falls — I think that’s the original location. In the summer, we’ll pick up a few subs then sit in the park somewhere. When I lived in Cleveland Heights, I liked Grumpy’s!

  • Ben

    Hi Michelle,

    Before the locations near us opened, we drove to Dave’s in Chagrin Falls as well and liked it. While we tend to try to favor local places vs. chains, we’ve also really liked Jimmy John’s. The veggie sub with avocado spread and cheese is my favorite.

    Thanks for replying to our post!


  • AS

    Any interest in reviewing all three for the Cleveland Sandwich Board?

  • Sarah

    Absolutely! We could even do a side by side comparison. We (more than likely me) will end up eating subs for days — or some lucky co-workers will get a yummy lunch.

  • AS

    I’m really sorry I didn’t see this response before — email beaucadiyo@gmail.com and we can get this cross-collaboration started!!!