Recently we visited Anatolia Café for lunch at it’s new location on Lee Road. Our first impressions were that the space is enormous compared to their former place in the Cedar Center shopping center. Anatolia Café is a Turkish restaurant, and the colors and wall décor reminded Ben of when he visited Turkey many years ago. The colors are vibrant, the tables are well spaced apart and the seats are comfortable. The restaurant itself has an open airy feel due in large part to the large windows running across the front of the restaurant.

Upon entering the restaurant you are greeted with a display cooler filled with baklava and other home made deserts. Although there was not a lot of variety on display, it was evident that everything was made fresh. At lunch they offer their standard menu as well as a list of lunch specials, which include soups, salads and wraps. I chose to order a cup of their red lentil soup and a grilled chicken wrap. Ben ordered a salad with felafel. The soup, as always was excellent: it has a unique well rounded flavor. The wrap was tasty as well: the chicken was juicy and the flavors from the marinade really came through. Ben enjoyed his salad, proclaiming their felafel to be one of the best in town. He said it tasted fresh and was piping hot and made to order.

We finished our lunch with an order of baklava, which was just as delicious as we remember it at their former location. We are looking forward to heading back to Anatolia soon for dinner to get some of our favorite entrees.

Anatolia Cafe in Cleveland

  • maybelles mom

    we love anatolia so much. haven’t been in ages, but reading this makes me think one night soon we should.