We’ve eaten a few times at Mi Pueblo on Euclid lately, and it’s starting to become habit-forming. Their burritos ($5.50) are a great deal, very tasty, and offer far more variety than you can find anywhere else in the area. I usually go for the frijole (bean), which is filled with refried beans, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. And the picadillo (ground beef) is definitely not standard issue: the cooked carrots and potatoes add a lot of flavor and substance. You also can’t go wrong with the mole enchiladas, the queso fundido (vegetarian, unlike most versions) or, for that matter, anything else we’ve tried on the menu. The pickled carrots along with the salsa on the table is also a nice touch.

Jonathan usually orders the kids’ quesadillas, which have about a half pound of cheese each (we did take out once, and I weighed them).

I was a longtime fan of Mi Pueblo on the West Side when I lived around there, but the East Side location has often felt just a tad too far from us for regular patronage. After a few visits lately, though, we’ve decided that the extra mile or so is definitely worth it.

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  • Simone

    I have to agree with you. Mi Pueblo has always been good to me, and I love the pickled carrots served as soon as you arrive. My only hesitation is the neon green lime margarita, which is a bit scary. But after a the first one, who cares, right? Thanks.