This week we visited Mitchell’s Fish Market in Woodmere, with Ben’s Dad (Gramps) and wife (Jacqui). Gramps and Jacqui wanted to try their hand at food blogging, so Jacqui took some gorgeous pictures, and Gramps is going to contribute to our review (italicized below).

I am, most assuredly, the wrong person to review restaurants. I just like food — but then again, some food I don’t like. So I don’t like calamari (it’s rubber — I don’t care what you claim it is) . So when my wife said, “I’m ordering calamari: the sign of a good fish restaurant is how they cook calamari,” I thought “good, you eat it, I’ll watch.” When it came, she not only loved it, she said she hesitated to order calamari in anything but a Mediterranean country, but this calamari was very good:

Not only did I try it & like it (for the first time ever, it was not rubbery!), but my four and a half year old grandson ate it and had a seconds & thirds!

What I ordered I liked. The appetizer of Bourbon barbecued shrimp had five or six huge, tender succulent shrimp wrapped in bacon:

The barbecue sauce was excellent (but this glutton loves barbecue sauce), and though the slight hint of bacon was overwhelmed by barbecue taste, eating tangy shrimp that were each two or three big bites was wonderful.

The main dish had the tastiest, moistest crab cake I’ve ever eaten:

The three shrimp on a skewer weren’t quite as big or tasty as the shrimp in the appetizer dish, but the accompaniments made up for it. I hate vegetables & I’m not a fan of mashed potatoes (Boring!), but these were smooth, garlicky, mashed potatoes and the corn was extremely well prepared. I joined the “clean-plate-club.”

Ben ordered the oyster sampler for his appetizer:

The oyster selection changes every day, but Ben definitely liked the Blue Pointe oyster (second from right) the best. It had a good, subtley briney flavor. The two least expensive (on the left) were a bit bland, while the last was overly briney.

Ben ordered the blackend Pacific Cod for his entrée:

He’s gotten the blackened preperation before, and it’s so good he’ll likely order it in the future. The coating tasted smokey but not burnt, spicy and complex but not overpowering. The jambalya rice was excellent with plenty of sausage, and the green beans were cooked but still a bit cruncy. The fish was meaty and perfectly done.

Sarah ordered the Shrimp and Scallop Americana for her entrée:

The sauce was rich and delicious and the shrimp were cooked perfectly. The only disappointment was that the entrée included only one scallop that was sliced into three.

Jacqui ordered the Fish Market Trio, which had blackened tilapia, cedar planked salmon, shanghai scallops and jambalya:

Jacqui shared some of the Shanghai scallops with us, and they were so good–perfectly cooked, slightly sweet and tangy from the soy glaze–that Sarah almost regretted not ordering the them for her entrée. She’ll definitely do so next time!

Here’s Gramps’ summary of the visit:

Final judgment? It ain’t cheap, but at least you know you paid for food you couldn’t easily prepare at home. Or, to use an oft used British phrase: “it was good value for the money.”

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