Sarah and I have been meaning to go to Sokolowski’s for a while. We tried a couple weeks ago, but we showed up the day before Easter and it was closed. We finally made it last weekend, and we weren’t disappointed.

Sokolowski’s is cafeteria-style and serves old-world comfort food, done well and in large portions. Sarah ordered bratwurst and pierogies ($8.95). While far better than bratwurst at most restaurants, I still didn’t find it quite as flavorful as that at the stand at the West Side Market. Sarah enjoyed it, though, and liked the emphasis on richness and subtlety. The cheese and potato pierogies were good and definitely stick-to-your ribs (like everything else). Jonathan had a side of pierogies (which I think were just $1.75) and some of Sarah’s bratwurst.

I was very happy with my stuffed cabbage ($9.95) and mashed potatoes. The beef filling was well-spiced, the cabbage was perfectly cooked, and the tomato sauce was earthy and pungent. Their potatoes are the perfect comfort food, not too rich or too dry. The tomato sauce was perfect over them, and I look forward to trying some beef gravy next time. I grabbed a large can of Henninger lager ($4.00), which paired well with the meal. Sokolowski’s has a very good imported beer and wine selection, reasonably priced like everything else.

You pick up dessert first at Sokolowski’s, as Anthony Bourdain pointed out in his Cleveland episode of No Reservations. We shared a large slice of carrot cake ($4.00). Everyone enjoyed it, especially the generous amount of cream cheese frosting.

We left Sokolowski’s air conditioning and walked into the 88 degree heat, completely stuffed. I was glad I’d biked nine miles that day and wokred on the Coventry playground cleanup with Jonathan, so I didn’t feel quite a full as Sarah.

We’ll definitely return, maybe next time in cooler weather (no shortage of that in Cleveland). The cafeteria-style dining is actually a big benefit, as you get your food a lot faster than most restaurants even when there’s a big crowd (which there was when we visited).

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