We recently visited the Sushi Rock in La Place in Beachwood. It’s one of our favorite “just the two of us” lunch spots, when we both happen to have a day off and Jonathan is at school.
As usual, they did not disappoint. Sarah ordered the Maki Bento Box and I had the Sushi Bento Box (each about $12, only available at lunch). I used to try to sample the menu–e.g. the Lobster Crab Cake with fries, which is very good–but I’ve become completely sold on the plethora of sides that comes with each bento box. In addition to a variety of sushi, you get a mixed greens salad, a seafood salad, fried dumplings and half of an orange. The salads are fresh and crisp, and the orange makes a nice heat diffuser if you happen to put too much wasabi on one of your sushi rolls.
The service is also friendly, and we’ll definitely keep coming back.
Maki Bento Box
Sushi Bento Box

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  • EAT!

    I am so jealous!! Sushi is one of my favorite things to eat. Looks like a fun place to eat.