We crossed the river to visit Barroco Grill a few weeks ago and very much enjoyed it.

The establishment is at 129th and Madison in Lakewood and only seats around 20 people at most. We were there during a large birthday party, so the three of us squeezed ourselves into a table meant for two.

The specialty of the house is arepas, a cross between a tortilla and crusty bread that is common in Colombia and Venezuela. They are made of white corn masa and deep fried, with a thickness and toothsomeness that is very satisfying.

Sarah and I split the Chorizo Arepa ($9) and the Cheesy Corn ($8). While the arepa was tasty, I wasn’t a fan of the combination of crumbly “bread” and crumbly chorizo (Sarah didn’t mind this). I added a fried egg to the leftovers, though, which made for a perfect sandwich. This might be a … continue reading

I have a weakness for a good hot dog. When I was seven years old, eating Sabrett’s spicy hot dogs from street carts was one of the highlights of visiting relatives in New York City. And I’ve “cheated” after a year of vegetarianism for an all-beef hot dog.

But not all hot dogs are created equal. Happy Dog’s version at the time of our last review was middling, a light pink version that was decent but saved by the toppings. They’ve started custom-ordering their own hearty, meatier all-beef version, though, and now they definitely serve the best dogs in town (or maybe anywhere).

The dog pictured below had bourbon baked beans, hot pepper relish, smoked Gouda cheese, a fried egg and cucumbers:

This was generally really good, but the hot pepper relish wasn’t at all hot. I should have ordered the habanero hot sauce, the one thing on the menu … continue reading