Bogtrotter’s Doorstep is a new sandwich shop that recently opened on the corner of West 25th and Bridge. We were on our way to lunch at Ohio City Burrito and realized that we had parked in front of Bogtrotter’s. We’d read good things about the place, so we thought we’d try it out.

The establishment is basically just two counters, one for ordering and another with one stool for eating. Sarah ordered the Porkopolis ($9) with shaved pork loin, greens, provolone and jus. I had the Haight ($9) which included provolone, banana peppers, porcini mushrooms, greens and house marinara. We both got ours “wet,” meaning jus is poured over the sandwich. Sandwiches are also available soaked or dry.


Our food came quickly, and, as we were planning to eat in, the owner suggested we take our food to the Old Angle next door. I ordered a Bass Ale and … continue reading