We spent our Saturday afternoon at an excellent Passport to Fishing class for kids at the Goodyear Hunting and Fishing Club south of Akron. Since we were in the area, we figured we check out a local restaurant and picked Cajun Dave’s in Kent.

Cajun Dave’s is located inside the Water Street Tavern and is basically just a counter and a kitchen. We ordered the Cajun Dave’s fries ($8), appetizer gumbo ($5.50) and shrimp creole ($12) to split. All apps were actually a dollar cheaper for their 3-7pm happy hour. Jonathan ordered the smoked gouda mac-and-cheese.

We were a bit surprised at how long we had to wait for our food, about 30–35 minutes. We also felt a tad out of place both as a family and 30–40 somethings. The music is loud, there are lots of televisions, and almost no one looked over 23.

Once our food arrived, we … continue reading

Sarah and I had heard good things about Jammy Buggars for quite a while and figured that, as it was Saturday, we had time to cross the river for dinner. We were happy we did.

The establishment feels like a moderately upscale bar / restaurant with dark wooden beams and a stylish décor. The ambience is informal, and we were among a number of groups with children.

Despite arriving before 5:30pm, we weren’t seated for a half hour. The waiting area is small with few chairs, and we felt a bit cramped while standing.

We were very comfortable once seated, though. The booths are among the most comfortable in town, with thick, supportive uphostery. Tables are set with a free basket of tasty, homemade potato chips, so any hunger pangs from waiting were immediately put at bay.

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I’ve been tracking the progress of the government-delayed Ohio Brewery beer collaboration, and, despite finding it sold out at Heinen’s, managed to snag a 12-pack at Warehouse Beverage. Overall it held up quite well despite being released six months late.

Rye Kolsch (Brew Kettle and Willoughby Brewing): My favorite of the bunch. This was supposedly the beer most likely to go off because Kolsch in theory tastes best young, but that wasn’t the case. The aroma was citrusy hops with the flavor nicely balanced between floral (but not overpowering) hoppiness, sharp rye, and a subtle caramel malt evening everything out. I haven’t had a lot of low ABV rye ales, but this was the best I’ve had (less bitter and more drinkable than Acadia’s). The lightness of the beer’s body combined with the refreshing, complex flavors make for a great session beer. Too bad they’re not brewing more of… continue reading