After weeks of anticipation, we finally managed to snag a Saturday night reservation to Flour, the new restaurant run by chef / owners Paul Minnilo and Chris Di Lisi (formerly of Baricelli Inn).

The restaurant is far more modern than Baricelli, with high ceilings and a somewhat angular design with plenty of space between tables.

We started with the tres formaggi ($9): a creamy goat cheese, a firm goat cheese washed in grape juice and a cow’s cheese reminiscent of Parmesan (clockwise from upper left). All were excellent, and the tanginess of the very soft goat cheese was nicely complemented by a drizzle of honey. They were all from Baricelli Cheese company.

Our only complaint at this point was that we could have used more of the excellent focaccia that came before the meal, a few more crostini and a tad more honey. As Sarah pointed out, though, better … continue reading