Inspired by The Cage Free Tomato and Sarah’s idea of blogging on our cultural heritage, I home cured some salmon.

My dad’s side of the family is Jewish, and most breakfasts when we visited family in New York were lox, bagels and cream cheese. I never understood this as a kid–fish for breakfast?–but I’ve gotten a taste for it as an adult.

I used farmed Atlantic salmon from Whole Foods (farmed seems safer for a raw preparation) and part of a 50 ml bottle of mezcal brought home from a recent vacation. I basically followed this recipe, substituting mezcal for the Scotch.

The results were quite good, at least as good as most commercially bought lox or gravlax but a bit cheaper. Despite the almost unpalatable smokiness of straight mezcal, there was very little smoke flavor in the finished dish. That said, the recipe did only call for … continue reading