We celebrated Sarah’s birthday at Crop Bistro a couple weeks ago. They’ve definitely kept their quality up since the move from the Warehouse District.

The new location is in a large building on West 25th Street kitty corner from the West Side market. The space is extremely large and gives the sense of a large European train station or even a Cathedral. It’s a beautiful space.

When we arrived for our 6:30 Saturday reservation, we were told that a space at the chef’s table had opened up and that, considering the desirability of such a spot, that we would be advised to take it. We did.

Our meal began with a compimentary amuse buche, a couple sweet and spicy fried spring rolls. We very much enjoyed them.

I ordered a Lanigan to drink ($9), an excellent mixture of vodka, pear juice and ginger that tasted almost wine-like in its mix … continue reading

We had a busy Saturday lately and felt like going out to eat without fighting typical Saturday pm crowds, so we decided to check out Cropicana. We were glad we did.

Cropicana is located at Whiskey Island Marina near Wendy Park, at the former location of the Sunset Grille, and is headed by Steve Schimoler, who also owns the outstanding Crop Bistro. We found the food to be a distinct improvement from Sunset Grille, and some dishes were even comparable to the food at Crop.

There are two lines at the establishment, one for food and the other for drinks, although drinks can be ordered with the food as well. Jonathan had a cheeseburger ($7) which was put on our tray immediately and can only be ordered well-done. It was fairly standard-issue, but a good familiar taste for kids. There are plenty of better options to be had for … continue reading