We were invited by Scott Kuhn and Chris Hodgson to a preview dinner at their new restaurant Hodges. Sarah is not a fan of crowds, so I took my friend Matt.

The space is large but inviting, with a deep red motif. The noise level was low, making conversation easy. Then again, the place was less than half full.

We started with the tater tots, which are served with every meal the way chips and salsa is at most Mexican restaurants. They were dusted in bacon and served with a sour cream dipping sauce, making for a perfect combination of tot and baked potato. They went down really easy.

The next course is also complimentary with every meal, a cast iron of corn bread. It was moist and tasty with some really good bourbon butter on the side. Matt was not happy with how hot it was, but I … continue reading

We were graciously invited by Michelle of Cleveland Foodie to a tasting dinner at Washington Place Bistro and Inn, the site of the old Baricelli Inn.

We were huge fans of Baricelli and were sad when it closed. Our first thought was that Washington Place had some pretty big shoes to fill, but we didn’t expect an establishment that was not only great for the space but seems to have understood why Baricelli failed and is poised to succeed.

The space is thoroughly revamped. While Baricelli felt old world upscale, Washington Place is elegant but not overly formal. The new color scheme opens up the space, and the lighting is bright enough to be inviting while subdued enough to be intimate. We definitely felt that the new décor was an improvement. And as we glanced over the menu we also noticed that the prices–generally $15-$20 per entrée–were also … continue reading