We’re always up for good barbecue, and, as we were in the area driving back from Cedar Point, we figured we’d try Bubba’s Q.

Like many authentic barbecue places, Bubba’s Q is a fairly unassuming establishment in a building that seems like a cross between a house and a barn. The space is nicely open, though, with a high A-frame ceiling and visible supports.

As they’re known for their ribs, Sarah and I split a full rack of baby backs with fries, baked beans and fried corn. Jonathan had the kids’ hot dog dinner.

The ribs were unbelievably good, not just the best we’ve had in town but maybe the best we’ve had ever. The meat was perfectly tender, smokey and flavorful. The outside had a flaky dark brown crust that Sarah couldn’t get enough of. The barbecue sauce on the side is pretty good, vinegary, slightly sweet and … continue reading

Ohio City Burrito is a new addition to the “convenient Mexican” options in town, and Sarah and I were definitely happy we tried it for lunch lately.

The space is small but playfully decorated, and we already felt we’d made a good choice just by the aromas as we entered.

I ordered the Brother’s Burrito with shredded chicken, rice refried beans, tomatos and hot salsa ($6.15). Sarah had a chicken taco with sweet salsa ($2.25).

The burrito was huge with every ingredient adding a nice flavor to the party. The chicken was marinated in a piquant, slightly spicy red sauce, and every burrito comes with fresh guacamole at no additional charge. I could almost live on refried beans and wish more places in the Heights served them. The hot salsa–which was added sparingly on the advice of our friendly counterperson–definitely has a kick. I didn’t get any in my first … continue reading