Sarah and I recently visited The Flying Fig and wondered why we’d never done so before. The atmosphere was great, the service is excellent and the food is outstanding: original, local and satisfying.

We started our meal with salads. Sarah ordered the heirloom tomato, which was unbelievably good. The portion was generous and the fresh flavors were dramatically highlighted by lemon oil and a little very high quality balsamic vinegar. I had one of the specials, a poached pear and maytag blue cheese salad over greens, which was good but not quite as notable as Sarah’s.

Sarah had the seared scallops and proscuitto for her entrée, which was perfectly cooked and flavorful. I chose the “three smalls” option, which offers an almost overwhelming amount of flavor in a meal. I really liked the seared pork belly with McKenzie Creamery goat cheese (the berry / habanero flavor) and a mini-biscuit with pork jus. The herbed ricotta gnocci was also quite good. It was the first time I’d had rabbit, which tasted a bit like a gamier pulled pork. The medjool dates stuffed with chorizo were my favorite: the sweet, salty and spicy combination was intense and memorable.

Dessert–mint-buttermilk ice cream with mixed berries–was the only middling aspect of the meal. The ice cream, although quite flavorful, had some ice crystals, and the “mixed” berries were just blackberries. We wanted the beignet with lavender ice cream, but they were out (never to return, we were told). The menu does change regularly, though (it’s already different from when we visited) based on what’s fresh and available.

We definitely look forward to our next visit to The Flying Fig!

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  • Simone

    I agree, The Flying Fig is a delicious place all around; service, food, atmosphere. Thats too bad about the ice crystals though. Thanks.

  • Kimi

    I have read about The Flying Fig but we have not had a chance to get there. Thanks for the review, now we HAVE to get there!

  • Dine O Mite

    I think the Fig is an absolute gem, bested only by 3 Birds (if we’re talking West Side) as good as Players on Madison. Certainly surprised by icy ice cream, though. Not a good way to finish the meal. I like a constantly changing menu. However, it sometimes throws my wife for a loop. She asks about the hoisin glazed short ribs every time we’re there. Next time you go, ask for Leslie. Awesome server.

  • Ben

    simone and dine o mite: While I wasn’t happy about the ice crystals, they are particularly hard to avoid with buttermilk ice cream (which I’ve made before) largely because buttermilk is so low in fat.

    kimi: you’ll definitely have to give the Flying Fig a try! We regret that we took so long.