Sarah was in the mood for sushi the other night, but I was more up for some other kind of Asian. Tree Country Bistro provided the perfect answer to our dilemma.

Located in the old Que Tal space on Coventry, Tree Country features Sushi, Thai and Korean dishes. The Korean is what really pulled me in as I don’t know of any other Korean places, at least in the neighborhood.

The use of the space is much improved from the Que Tal days. The restaurant is cozy but very tastefully and colorfully decorated. And the window onto Coventry feels much better utilized than before. It’s as if the space got a Gordon Ramsay-style makeover.

We were very happy with everything we ordered. We decided to try the fresh steamed edamame for an appetizer as we had only had frozen before. Fresh is more tender and flavorful. Even Jonathan really enjoyed them.

Sarah ordered the Cucumber and California Maki Rolls($4.50 each), which held up well against the other sushi in the area. Everything was fresh and tasty, and the butterfly-shaped cut carrot was almost too pretty to eat. The wasabi is particularly potent here, so use it with caution.

While Asian restaurants aren’t typically known for their kids’ menus, Tree Country Bitros’s really shines. Jonathan’s dinner consisted of spring rolls, pork dumplings and rice.

He repeatedly stated that it was “the best dinner ever!” I felt sad that being a bit beyond the “10 and under” limit, I won’t ever be able to order from this menu, which also includes a few other options. The kid’s items are generally $7 each and were posted on a board separate from the regular menu.

I ordered the Kimchibokum ($13.95) from the “Korean Specialties” section and was very happy with it.
The dish consists of spicy pork, kimchi (fermented cayenne spiced cabbage) and tofu. The flavors are very unique and difficult to describe, with overtones of sweet, sour and hot. Some online reviewers complained of overly mild spicing, but they’re happy to season your food to order. I was told that the Kimchibokum was “medium” spiced and requested that they make mine “hot.” They were happy to oblige. The dish also comes with an excellent Miso Soup.

The prices at Tree Country are generally good, especially for the Thai dishes, but beware of the 22 oz. Sapporo. While mine went perfectly with the meal, I was a bit shocked upon receiving the bill to see that it was $8.95. This is about twice the cost of 22 oz. of premium draft beer across the street at the Winking Lizard and about the same cost as a six pack of Sapporo at the store. I have no idea if other beer prices are more reasonable as they’re not listed anywhere.

Both the food and the service at Tree Country were excellent, and we’ll definitely visit again!

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  • Simone

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed Tree Country Bistro. I have not visited yet. I was skeptical of the large menu and the fact that they had a picture of Hulk Hogan on their window when they first opened. I guess I can give them a try.

  • Simone

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  • Adam

    We live right down the road from Tree Country Bistro, yet have never tried it since we always think of Pacific East when we want sushi. However, based on your recommendation, we gave it a shot.

    I found the large menu to be a bit overwhelming; having the variety was nice (compared to only being able to order sushi) but there was almost too much to choose from.

    We had edamame and miso soup as appetizers, both on par with Pac East.

    After finally making up our minds, I ordered the Kalbi Gui (marinated & BBQ short rib w/ Homemade Sauce) and my fiancé had a Philadelphia Maki and a B-52 Maki. We were both very satisfied with our choices.

    All in all, we were happy with Tree Country. The price was reasonable (similar to Pacific East or any other sushi restaurant), the atmosphere was okay, and the food was good.

    Next time we go out just for sushi, I think Pacific East will still be our top choice, but if someone isn’t in the mood for sushi I would definitely return to Tree Country Bistro.

  • Ken

    If you’re looking to try other local Korean food to compare, check out Korea House at 3700 Superior. It’s my favorite in the city. There’s even a little Korean grocery in the same building.

  • Amy

    I’m really looking forward to trying Tree soon! My friend just got a job there also.

    On a side note, I highly recommend Seoul Hot Pot at 3709 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, OH, 44114. It’s EXTREMELY authentic. If you go, I recommend the appetizer DukBoki, which is rice cakes stir fried in hot sauce, and the entrée BiBimBob, which is steamed rice toped with marinated vegetables, and served with Korean hot paste on the side for mixing. It’s fantastic!