Spurred on by Doug Trattner’s recent review, Sarah and I went to Vine and Bean Café for lunch on Friday.

The space is really unique. It’s basically a regular house converted into a restaurant. The open feel reminded Sarah of restaurants in Key West, which she used to visit often to see her grandparents.

We sat on the patio, which was nicely but informally decorated with items such as a small wooden gargoyle and shiny metallic birds topping the entry gates. Sarah ordered the iced tea ($1.95) to drink, which was refreshing and a lot like the Cheesecake Factory’s mango ice tea. I ordered a Berry Fizz ($2.95): house made berry coulis and sparkling water. It was very, very good, probably the best non-alcoholic drink I’ve had in Cleveland. The berry flavor is fresh and strong, but the drink is also slightly dry and not at all cloying.

Sarah ordered the Toasted Tuna ($8.95), which comes on a toasted croissant. The tuna portion was large and the flavor was not at all fishy, in fact slightly sweet because of the greated carrots. I had a pita sandwich ($8.95) with the roasted veggies and brie. I ordered this based on seeing the Veggie Panini Sandwich on the online menu , but apparently the specific item is no longer offered. The dish was good: toasted pita triangles with brie and a bowl of juicy and flavorful roasted mushrooms, peppers and onions. That said, the addition of the crisp green apples and local honey from the menu item (which I’d forgotten to ask for since I didn’t precisely remember the ingredients) would have probably put it over the top. Both sandwiches came with kettle chips.

As owner Heather Haviland is a renowned pastry chef, we couldn’t leave without getting one of the many tempting desserts displayed (oddly inconspicuously) in a case perpendicular to the checkout counter. We opted for the pistachio brownie ($2.25), which had a brownie layer, a white cream layer and a chocolate pistachio layer. We were very glad we ordered it. Next time we might try the chocolate mousse brownie or a chocolate chip cookie.

Vine and Bean is a great place to visit, and there’s plenty of room when the patio is open. The music is also good, catchy but folky indie rock. I recognized Mountain Goats and Moldy Peaches. We’ll definitely return, maybe to try out their frequently praised weekend brunch.

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  • http://roxetta.blogspot.com Roxanne

    Thanks for the review. After seeing Doug Trattner’s blog and article the other day, I thought about heading there this weekend, too. I hope to take my mother there for mother’s day. I hope they still have a few vegetarian options!

  • http://bitebuff.blogspot.com/ Bite Buff

    Thanks for the first review I’ve seen of Vine and Bean. I am big fan of Heather’s, but haven’t had a chance to try this restaurant. Glad to hear it lives up to her reputation.